«Голый» заплыв Любови Толкалиной шокировал фанатов Fans were pleasantly surprised by the courage of the actress. Lyubov Tolkalina has published a video in which she went into the water Topless. Despite the fact that the actress has become quite common to show half-naked pictures, the interest of fans has not waned.

      «Голый» заплыв Любови Толкалиной шокировал фанатов

      With the arrival of summer, more and more stars teasing his fans with photos and a video in which they appear naked. Some fans come to the delight of the fact that celebrities are not shy to appear in a candid way before the public, but some still adhere to more conservative views on the publication of pictures of people without clothes.

      Popular actress Lyubov Tolkalina has shared with fans a small video, which showed a swim in the sea. However, in the water she decided to go Topless, which caused a storm of delight fans. However, the recording, of Love, of course, comply with the limits of decency, and was deployed to the camera back. Such provocation only fueled even more interest to the person of the actress.

      “A nudist. But cool, Luba, what a great provocation, and floats great. Just perfection!”, – spoken fans.

      Video published Tolkalinaliuba (@tolkalinaliuba) Jun 2016 1 17:04 PDT

      But there were those who condemned such publications in the Network. However, a heated debate about the propriety of publishing arose. On the contrary, some fully supported the artist.

      “Well, not strange people. Worldwide, people swimming naked, Luba was swimming Topless what? Well, she wanted to be herself, to be, so to say, natural” – supported by one of the followers of a famous actress.

      Despite the fact that Lyubov Tolkalina often began to indulge fans of candid shots, fans of every time I admire a gorgeous figure of a celebrity. In may, when the actress was vacationing in Israel, she also appeared before the fans are almost naked. Love sat half-side on the stone near the shore. Clothes on Tolkalina was only short shorts. The actress looked dreamily into the distance, one knee tucked to his chest. The fans accepted be the star.

      Fans still remember the photo where you captured Tolkalina fully Nude. Love sat back in the wheat field, and over the shoulder looking at the camera. But as it turned out, such a bold the became available to the public accidentally, by his own negligence Actresses.

      Lyubov Tolkalina was justified for the photos in the Nude

      “I quickly removed the photo from its pages, but because of bad, literally like when the image nedostalo. In fact, the cosmos did not want to wash it. Frame three hours hung on my page. There was such amazing reviews,” said Love.

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