Башаров и Архарова сделали все, чтобы не встретиться на ММКФ

The ex-wife came to the ceremony at different times, but because of the crowds still faced on the red carpet.

Marat Basharov is a frequent guest at the Moscow film festival. And it so happens that every visit turns into a sensation. Two years ago, the actor appeared at the festival with Kate ancharovoj. Then a couple just got married and received congratulations.

In the same year, leading “the battle of psychics” have again appeared are not alone. Only here companion other – 29-year-old Elizabeth Shevarkov. And again a surprise! Bride Basharova pregnant. But what certainly was not expected that all of them – be ex-wife, nynyashnyaya lover and Marat will meet in one place. It happened at the closing ceremony of the 38th film festival.

Башаров и Архарова сделали все, чтобы не встретиться на ММКФ
Catherine Arkharova

Marat Basharov with his beloved Lisa and her mom

Arkharov appeared on track one and I must say, looked beautiful. For the ceremony, the actress chose a dress of emerald color from Anastasia Zadorina. The actress was all smiles and posed for photographers. And in the end picked up by the arm, Nikita Mikhalkov and something he enthusiastically told ear.

Companion Basharova behaved modestly. And a little shade from it suddenly hit the attention.

Interestingly, it seems, Basharov and Arkharov did everything in order not to overlap. Basharov came time for the ceremony, but Kate was one of the few who covered the red carpet. But due to the formed at the end of the crowds they met.

And here they are together, but… no thunder and lightning followed. Behaved like total strangers. And passion Basharova – ex and nynyashnyaya – didn’t even look at each other.

But I think with the loving couple now without a lot of hassle. The actor is about to become a father for the second time.

We already know that the first time Lisa with a child will live in a country house in the village of Goworowo. In addition, the couple also buys the best gadgets for a kid, writes Starhit.

Recently Basharova found out in one of the shops of children’s goods. The actor has bought the most expensive model baby monitors for 25 thousand rubles.

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