Заманчивое предложения от мебельной компании «Аврора-М»

Are you tired of endless shopping trips searching for the perfect kitchen? Nowhere is there furniture appropriate parameters, does not satisfy the color palette or the quality of the material? Stop wasting precious time wasted! Check out the website of furniture company “Aurora-M”. Here you will be offered a wonderful alternative to the standard kits from showrooms — kitchen manufacturer on individual parameters. Call Gager or order the calculation of the cost headset the right size you will be able in a matter of minutes by filling in the application form on the website. Here you will find a large number of photos with ready-made options made to order — you can change them according to your requirements. In addition, a month at 12.02 12.03, each customer will be able to purchase headsets with built-in appliances and receive 50% discount on the dishwasher KÖRTING!

Заманчивое предложения от мебельной компании «Аврора-М»

More than just a kitchen

Kitchens from the manufacturer of MF “Aurora-M” — is competent combination of the following advantages:

● precise geometry of each object;

● excellent quality in the smallest details;

● unique design;

● practicality;

● maximum functionality;

● long service life.

As a result of cooperation you will get the perfect set, which perfectly fit into the room in all respects, providing the most comfortable space for cooking and relaxing.

Заманчивое предложения от мебельной компании «Аврора-М»

How to save money without sacrificing quality

The site presents a wide selection of styles, colors, materials and shapes of kitchen furniture. Our staff will tell you how to most successfully combine them in accordance with the available budget. The company “Aurora-M” provides customers with great savings opportunities:

● thanks to modern approach to production the cost of furniture is 20% lower (in comparison with the prices in the salons);

● free call Gager and delivery headset;

● the minimum cost of a professional build (only 10% of the price of kitchen furniture);

● regular bonuses to pensioners, students, newlyweds, newcomers.

The advantage of ordering a kitchen from the “Aurora M” is the eighteen-month warranty on the furniture.

Our team will embody in reality any your idea and concept. We are not looking for excuses why not, and work hard to provide the perfect result.

Source: website aurora-m.ru