9 mistakes are allowed when you make a child

9 ошибок, которые допускаются при оформлении детской

Good design is a combination of comfort, style and functionality. When finishing and furnishing of the children’s parents should pay attention to safety and comfort.

9 mistakes are allowed when you make a child

4. Game situation — often parents try to create an environment where a lot of bright elements in the interior, flashy decorations. This may cause a deterioration of care, badly affect the learning outcomes of that dream. All you need to know as decor is no exception. It is recommended to choose basic shades for the decoration: beige, gold, pastel and natural colors. This is the optimal backdrop for the bright objects, things, toys. Five original ideas for unobtrusive decorations are here http://www.diy.ru/post/7540/.

5. Elite Wallpapers — for parents who want to recreate the atmosphere of a luxury for kids, you should consider its decision. In a small age neither boys nor girls will not appreciate for textile Wallpaper, wall painting. The adult child will rejoice rich design. In the rooms of preschoolers better decorate the walls of good washable materials, liquid Wallpaper, moldings.

6. Carpet — warm coating, so it is preferred by many. But contamination in the nursery will quickly reduce the life of spilled ink, broken pencils, clay does not wash out. Cover the floor with linoleum on top to place a warm carpet with a small pile.

7. Heavy curtains — it’s ugly, impractical, pointless. Children needed sunlight, so it is better to hang a translucent curtain. Then the room will ease and will be no shortage of natural light.

8. Stereotypes — boy design in blue, green, blue, girl — pink, yellow. It is a common stereotype. But you need to consider the taste preferences of the child.

9. Different opportunities — if we live together two or three children, then each should be granted equal opportunity — workers, play areas, beds, wardrobes, computer tables. Necessary to equally divide the space.