Применяем стиль шебби шик в интерьере

A huge number of ordinary people once encountered the phrase “shabby chic”, but not all are aware of exactly what it means. If to speak simple words shabby chic (shabby chic) style. Style direction in the manufacture of furniture, fabrics, decor… overall, the style of the interior.

However, at this point the expression “shabby chic” is often used for the names of some manual equipment. Although, the ancestor of the style shabby chic initially, the attitude of the interior was mediocre. Well, for interior decoration in the style of shabby chic began to apply different techniques named similarly, specialists in hand-made.

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  • The style Shabby Chic in interior
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  • So, with that shabby chic is the style we defined. Next, we will try to more fully illuminate, what kind of style, what are its main characteristics and in connection with which not all masters of design distinguish the shabby chic style as the original?

    The style shabby chic: journey into history

    Shabby chic refers to the category of young interior styles. Him about 15-20 years. The Creator of this style is Rachel Ashwell. To be precise, initially she made her original design that she had had the inimitable. Then sagacious master made a decision to designate the result as the newly minted style Shabby Chic.

    Применяем стиль шебби шик в интерьере

    What is shabby chic? If you literally translate shabby chic on Russian language you get — “shabby chic”.

    What was the prerequisites for the Foundation of the style? Rachel often attended various sales and shop rag pickers, where to buy graceful retro furniture — these were the subjects in different styles: from classics to Provence. Master carefully cleaned off with the objects of the ancient mud and updated the furniture, applying different methods to restore it. Retro furniture — tables, cabinets, koseki, chairs, sideboards and the like purchased brand new appearance.

    Применяем стиль шебби шик в интерьере

    Naturally, the room in which housed this “reanimated” the furniture needed to decorate as a special way to ensure that all are well combined among themselves, and required special fittings. Rachel chose authentic textiles for interiors and… got an impressive result.

    Interiors Aswell relished a wide range of people. The master began to get a large number of special orders.

    Case Rachell gradually went uphill, and very soon she set up shop “Shabby chic” in their Homeland. Then the style became more popular, Rachel began to compose books, and the number of “fans” has increased significantly.

    Применяем стиль шебби шик в интерьере

    The style Shabby Chic in interior

    As a rule, in this direction apply only light pastel colors: milky, slightly less creamy, pale lilac, light turquoise, pink etc. Shades very aesthetic, however, as if faded with age.

    The furniture used in this area is mostly antique. Fine, though worn. The presence of the speaker or, on the contrary, the carved figure is only a plus. Remember: it’s CHIC, despite the fact that battered by life!

    The furniture is certainly restored, but with the imprint of time. But the ancestor said that the effect of wear not principled. The main is the presence of vintage furniture.

    The tone of wood furniture is predominantly white. Elements are usually decorated with images of angels and flowers. In addition, the furniture can be arranged and gilding, applying gold leaf. Looks very impressive vintage furniture with specially worn gilding!

    Interior upholstered furniture in the style of Shabby chic vintage, too, belongs to the neo-classical or Rococo. Upholstery usually pale tones. Couch and chairs are rough.

    Применяем стиль шебби шик в интерьере

    Textiles in the interior Chebbi Chic more color (but only pastel colors), silk and quite chic. It is usually completed with ruffles and piping. Sleeper style with decorative pillows in beautiful pillowcases in pink and white shades. However, there may be other variations.

    Curtains — white, single-flowered. Textiles are not cheap. The curtains are most often not inherent naivety: they effectively draped, decorated with swags, cascades, etc.

    Kitchen textiles, preferably, also white.

    As we wrote above, the color of the fabrics — often white or pale pink. Drawing — flowers or angels, however, sometimes encounter the light strip or a little fuzzy cell.

    The walls in the style of shabby chic. Usually light, often roughly painted. Fit here and Wallpapers with special texture that looks like old cracked plaster or paint. You can apply smooth the Wallpaper with a pattern, flowers, angels, etc.

    Walls are usually decorated with stucco rosettes, medallions, moldings, pediments…

    Ceiling shabby chic. The ceiling must have a pure white tint, as if the surface lost their whiteness over time. Welcome decorative method of cracking.

    Sometimes in the interiors in the style of shabby chic across the beam, but it is more suited to the direction of Provence. In the style of Shabby Chic perfectly decorated stucco ceiling.

    On the ceiling is a chandelier that certainly gorgeous, and probably crystal. Preferably with flowers or angels.

    The floors in the design style shabby chic. Floors are usually of wood; the best choice is antique flooring. On the floor of the wood you can apply a screen pattern.

    In the kitchen area, it is preferable to lay tile on the floor with the chipping effect. Although, a similar result can be obtained in the process of stacking, splits a part of the tile and collecting it on the floor. The tile, of course, must be expensive or look like.

    Применяем стиль шебби шик в интерьере

    The decor in the style of Shabby Chic. Watch iron frayed, faded paintings in bright frames, decorative vases, vintage items of clothing, beautiful jewelry boxes, variety of vintage household items. A large number of lighting devices with textile lampshades.

    The style Shabby Chic in the interior: the overall impression

    Interiors shabby chic filled with romantic and light atmosphere, and can sometimes remind sweet air cake.

    Men often don’t like the style shabby chic. Most of them think that Shabby Chic is the style for child girls bedroom or for a room too romantic ladies.

    Применяем стиль шебби шик в интерьере

    Psychologists say that the style Chebbi Chic taste gentle girls with developed creative abilities. In short, according to statistics, the interiors are Shabby Chic is not for men. But if competently to approach to business and steadily implement all the concepts and apply only part of the elements, you can play quite comfortable masculine interior in the style of Shabby Chic.

    In other words, do not be afraid to break the stereotypes, turn on your imagination, and luck will smile to You.

    The style Shabby Chic: a view from the side

    Shabby Chic not all experts believe the creative shop by style, defining it as a pastiche. So what simulates Shabby Chic? Classicism? Baroque? If all the pieces of furniture in the interior as decorative components belong to one of these areas, the Shabby Chic really can be attributed to the modern reading of any style. However, because is used and other furniture, for example, from the last century. And this is the retro or at least vintage… shabby chic is their interpretation?

    You may also notice a lot of Parallels shabby chic style of Provence. Actually, similar color scheme, lots of the same elements, the use of antiquity, and the effect of fading and whiskering. Can we say that shabby chic is simply a pastiche of Provence?

    I’m more inclined to believe that Shabby Chic is still self-sufficient style, created on eclecticism with notable sympathy for the Provence.

    Применяем стиль шебби шик в интерьере

    What are the advantages of the style Shabby Chic in the interior?

    This style is ideal for people who wish to make the beautiful interior, not having a large budget. You just need to acquire inexpensive vintage furniture on sale, search for Antiques in closets grandmothers and grandfathers, to apply imagination and make an amazing entourage! Good Shabby Chic in those apartments, where there are children who, most often, not very gently interact with furniture. And since the furniture we have is not new — a couple of additional defects don’t ruin the whole picture.

    Antique grandfathers chair can be transformed in coffee table and vintage mirror ennoble modern materials. Elements from the old parent sideboard — in wall shelves. In short, to create an interior style Shabby Chic no need to go into the elite antique stores — you must attend the sale and grandma’s closets and then use their ideas and skills.

    The style Shabby Chic photo

    Применяем стиль шебби шик в интерьереПрименяем стиль шебби шик в интерьере

    Применяем стиль шебби шик в интерьереПрименяем стиль шебби шик в интерьере

    Применяем стиль шебби шик в интерьереПрименяем стиль шебби шик в интерьере

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