Как выбрать цвет штор

What color curtains should I choose? — not a trivial question arising at registration of design of interior space. Properly selected color can visually expand the space, give the room a lighter or, on the contrary, gloomy atmosphere. In order to avoid errors, need to be guided in their selection General rules: cool and fresh tones will work well in Sunny rooms coping with the overabundance of bright light, whereas the warm and bright shades on the contrary, will help to add light.

This detail of the decor as curtains, allows for minimal expenditure of money and effort to change the visual look of the room. It is therefore necessary to consider the choice of window decor carefully. Because of the shift of the curtains you can change the interior in any time and always stay on the forefront of new fashion trends.

Как выбрать цвет штор

The influence of size on the color of the curtains

Many people know that from the chosen color scheme depend on the overall impression of the interior space. With the use of color can visually increase a small kitchen, as well as to remove excess volume of the huge hall. For this effect you only need to correctly choose the color of the curtains.

If you take a warm colour scheme ranging from red-violet to yellow, you can create a zoom-in effect and increasing the window opening.

Color cold color palette, visually alienate the object. This effect will allow you to make blinds, for example, lavender, blue, pearl, pale green and similar shades.

Dark colors visually reduce the room light and make the room wider.Как выбрать цвет штор

How to choose the colour of your curtains: rules of combination.

Economical option. For those who want to save recommend you to select the color of the curtains the same color as the upholstery of furniture, and not focus on the color of the Wallpaper. Because the Wallpaper change more frequently than items of furniture, and their value today is not commensurate with the cost of the furniture and the curtains.

If the economy is not in the first place, then you can safely pick up the blinds under the color of the walls.

A universal approach. If your room has a great variety of colors, and you don’t know how and what to combine the color of the curtains, in this case, you can choose for window decor textiles, the color of which is close to the color of the largest piece of furniture in the room (a large carpet on the floor, sofa, valance or bedspread in the bedroom, facades of kitchen furniture, etc.). It’s a win-win situation.

Neutral option. If the interior space was not created by a professional designer, and in his own stylistic abilities you doubt, then you can opt for neutral shades of curtains (cream, sand or beige) that will never go out of fashion. In this version you can easily change the mood and style of the room without changing the curtains.

Color combination. If you choose a neutral color curtains, you can link them with other components of the interior more light, dark or bright hue: for example, decorate the window opening with additional swags or drapery color or make curtains with a colored border, etc.

 The focus on the window. If you want to focus on the window and distract from other, less successful parts of your interior, then opt for bright curtains, it is better if they are not monotonous, but in a cage, striped or patterned. Create a combination of bright curtains and other interior elements: for example, make of these tissue napkins, tablecloth, lamp shades, cushions, etc. and Buy other accessories with similar colors and similar pattern as the curtains.

 A lot of color. If in your interior there are a huge number of colors, it is necessary to give a break to your eyes, choosing not bright plain curtains in the colour of one or more walls (if decorating the walls were treated with the combination of colors).

Monochrome version. If you’re designing a monochrome interior, it is not necessary to take the curtains, the wall color or main surfaces (upholstery, curtains and other textiles). Just pick up the blinds close shade or take a two-colored curtains so that the window opening stood out, but not merged with the walls.

Как выбрать цвет штор

The color of the curtains and the type of room

Color of curtains for bedroom, which as you know is a recreational area, it is best to choose muted shades that will not distract you and interfere with relaxation. Bright, saturated colors are possible only in the decoration of accessories. Will fit well in the interior of a bedroom — green, muted blue, and a nice pearl grey-cream tones.

Color of curtains for living room can be diverse, then flight to your imagination is limitless, as long as the colors of the Drapes and lightweight sheer curtains in harmony with the overall color scheme of the room. Hall is the room where the experiments with bright colors.

Color of curtains for the kitchen plays a very important role, since in many cases this room is small in size. Select a color of curtains will depend on the overall interior style, if this style of country music, it’s usually curtains of light colors in pastel square or a stripe with a colourful flower design, if high-tech, it’s minimalist, cool colors, curtains, and if classic, plain curtains suitable color or curtains in stripes or in a cage, two or three colors.

In many cases, the main light canvas curtains for the kitchen, you select light colors to amplify the sunlight and its frame will totally depend on the preferences of the owners. The curtain of dark color in the kitchen is possible in principle, but, usually, Roman blind or curtain-pelmet – that is, the design does not impede the passage of natural light into the kitchen space.

Как выбрать цвет штор

What color curtains to choose from. Color combinations

It is not always necessary to go on about the latest fashion trends: remember that first of all the color scheme of the curtains should be like, and based on this you must pick those shades, which will be the most harmonious in the design.

The choice of color of curtains: curtains white color in the interior. Despite the positive tendency to increase the amount of white in its pure form is very corrosive, therefore it is better to soften any combination with pink, or beige coffee, or combine with another color palette.

Как выбрать цвет штор

The choice of color of curtains: curtains of green in the interior. Even though the green curtains are commonly used in living rooms, delicate shades of green will fit well in the interior dining rooms. This color can soothe and set to appease, in this regard, the curtains of green shades can also be hung in a bedroom.

Как выбрать цвет штор

The choice of color of curtains: yellow curtains in the interior. Psychologists believe that yellow color helps to stimulate the working capacity and mental acuity. Bright shades of that color visually expand the space, resulting in curtains of this color is well suited for an office or living room.

For the kitchen or bedroom it is advisable to use more muted tones.

Yellow curtains will fit well in the nursery, especially successful if it overlooks the Northern part of the building. Scientists recommend to put such curtains in the nursery a child-melancholic.

Bright yellow shades are perfectly combined with white and green, but his neutral tone, already flowing into beige, you can go to other flowers. Successful and the most popular is the combination of blue with yellow.

Как выбрать цвет штор

The choice of color of curtains: curtains turquoise color in the interior. This color never goes out of fashion for a long time, and demands respect. Turquoise bright colours looks great with a decent frame (for example, in a room with expensive furnishings), while delicate tones are perfect for the nursery.

Better just to use the turquoise color in the curtains design as a single canvas, and as an extra bright accent. In this embodiment, suitable combination with a Golden hue.

Как выбрать цвет штор

The choice of color of curtains: curtains red. Red color in the interior for curtains in natural form is not often applied because of its brightness. A large number of red suppresses, and also visually make the room smaller. But its combination of warm shades perfect for a hall.

If the bedroom furniture is made of wood, it is possible to emphasize red light organza or similar decor thick curtains.Как выбрать цвет штор

The choice of color of curtains: curtains orange. Orange is opposite of red, it can freshen up any room, looks great in children’s rooms, dining rooms and living rooms. Noble and stylish solution would be the terracotta color in the trim of curtains, because it is at the height of fashion.

Как выбрать цвет штор

The choice of color of curtains: curtains of blue color in the interior. Blue color is a soft blue option, it possesses calming properties, causing the blue curtains are ideal for bedrooms. To the room did not look dull, you need to add different accessories like paintings or pillows in warm colors – they make you feel comfortable in the room.

Как выбрать цвет штор

The choice of color of curtains: curtains blue color in the interior. The blue color makes the room a cooler feel. Perfectly combined with white, like many colors, but this combination looks quite cold. This effect will help to soften the shades of beige and yellow. Blue in large quantities, “extinguishes” the light and creates a feeling of darkness.

Как выбрать цвет штор

I hope that this article adequately covered the question of how to choose color of curtains? Good luck with your repair!

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