Анна Семенович показала нового возлюбленного

Judging by the pictures, the ex-soloist of “Brilliant” with a stranger tie a serious relationship.

For the first time Anna Semenovich shared with fans a piece of his personal life. Usually the singer prefers to keep secret all that is connected with her relations.

However, the Busty babe could not resist and published a series of photos with a stranger on his page in Instagram. One of the photos still attached and the mysterious signature, which are all interpreted differently.

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“Sometimes it’s just pointless. Soon, very soon you will learn. Love is a feeling that overshadowed all your space”. Most of the subscribers Anna decided that this was exactly the hint of the wedding or the pregnancy of the stars.

However, a more careful and less enthusiastic fans assumed that we are talking only about the shooting of the new video.

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