Анджелина Джоли наконец-то начала набирать вес

Now the wife of brad pitt can not worry. She again looks great and has already gained at least five pounds!

Recently, the U.S. state Department held a regular meeting on the occasion of the fate of refugees around the world. At the event, of course, prisutstvovala and Angelina Jolie. She looked great! For the first time a celebrity came out not in a black robe that hides the thinness and grey fitted suit, emphasizing the distinctly rounded shape…

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On all pictures it is visible that Angie’s finally gained a few pounds. Now her collarbones don’t stick out as much as before. The cheekbones on the face too, almost not noticeable. And indeed, the celebrity has again started to look like should look like a normal healthy woman, who gave birth to three children!

Stayed Jolie too well. She smiled pristiuk, and said in a touching speech that everyone needs to think about what is happening in the world, and to do everything possible to help people in distress.

Анджелина Джоли наконец-то начала набирать вес
April, 2016

June, 2016

“I really want people to realize that 65 million innocent people embroiled in conflict and war, and we cannot ignore this issue and turn these people back,” said Angelina Jolie. – To do so would be irresponsible and dangerous. We are faced with a choice: continue to live the same way, watching the escalation of conflicts, or to unite with other countries and to find a new approach to the solution of refugee problems”.

A few days earlier, Jolie discussed the problem of refugees in the Hague with UN Secretary General ban Ki-moon and Prime Minister of Greece Alexis Tsipras. She also personally talked with people left homeless in the Athens port of Piraeus.


A few months ago appeared in the media rumors that the weight of Angelina Jolie has reached a critical level of 35 pounds. At this time, the actress, producer, goodwill Ambassador of the UN and the mother of many children really looked very haggard, but in order to avoid charges to your address covered body oversized cardigans (despite the heat!). Read more HERE.

Causes of sudden weight loss of the stars is still unknown. Some to the APR that Angelina lost weight because of nerves, suspecting brad pitt cheating (fortunately, this news has not been confirmed). The second claimed that she just could not eat because of the loaded schedule. And still others reported that the actress was sick.

But it’s good what ends good. Evil enemies and envious persons, Jolie is back in great shape and ready for new victories. By the way, the victories. Soon the wife of brad pitt will appear before fans in a new role: she was entrusted to conduct a course at the London school of Economics. See HERE.

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