Кристина Асмус сильно пострадала во время спектакля

The actress posted a shocking photo…

Still wrong those who believe that the actor’s bread is easy. It is only at first glance it seems, like, lit up in the frame, walked across the stage and received their millions. That is hard work, Yes, and also dangerous to life and health, proved once again Kristina Asmus.

On his page in the social network actress posted a shocking photo, which shows that she has deep cuts and bruises.

“And so every time. Hamlet. Psychological theater,” commented Kristina Asmus publication.

Fans in unison began to regret their favorite. “Only blood and then something that can be added. In the truest sense of the word!!!”, “Poor thing”, “horror”, “the Man who gives himself entirely to the profession. Christina, good call! Best actress!”, “Take care of yourself” – here are just a small part of the comments of fans of a celebrity.

However, there were also those who felt that the wounds on Christina’s body no more than make-up, created specifically for Ophelia. But it’s not like they look too realistic.

By the way, Christina is not the first time scare friends and fans. In the beginning of the year on the eve of the premiere of “Champions: Faster. Above. Stronger”, where she played the winner of the Olympic games Svetlana Khorkina, actress went to the hospital with a temperature under 40 (read more HERE).

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