Among SUV radiator: bimetal radiator Indigo Super

Внедорожник среди радиаторов: биметаллический радиатор Indigo Super

Central heating is fraught with many dangers. However, do not be afraid, because they don’t threaten people, and radiators. If you want to have a new radiator served for many years, the choice will have to pay attention not only interesting design but also on the characteristics of the material from which it is made. Together with experts of the Italian brand Royal Thermo analyze what danger, and how not to be mistaken with the choice of a reliable radiator!

Внедорожник среди радиаторов: биметаллический радиатор Indigo Super

Why is it important to choose a reliable radiator for Central heating system

Central heating, no doubt, convenient. However, it is not perfect. The durability of the heating appliances directly affects the quality of the coolant circulating in the pipes.

Before entering your radiator coolant overcomes several tens of kilometers, mixing with the mass of chemically active impurities. The long journey did not remain unnoticed: the pH of the coolant may be less than 6-7 (acidic environment) or 7-8 (lye). Obviously, aluminum, cast iron, copper and other materials used to make radiators, react differently to this acid cocktail, engaging with them in a chemical reaction, which sooner or later ends with the corrosion and the output of the radiator failure.

Reminder: even greater danger is posed by a sudden hammering, if a neighbor suddenly decides to block the water or the mechanic abruptly closes the valve at the pumping station. The consequences of a sharp rise in pressure in the radiator for your repair can be devastating, up to the broken pipes.

What are radiators

In order to survive with honor all the tests of our Central heating system, radiator should be a real “SUV”, which no no acid corrosion and hammering.

Tip: the most reliable and hardy are the old battery from cast iron and modern bimetallic radiators. For example, the new 2017 radiator Indigo Super record dissipation of 185 Watts.

Внедорожник среди радиаторов: биметаллический радиатор Indigo Super

Let us consider in detail how the different metals to cope with the load of the system.

Cast iron radiators

The reliability of cast iron radiators could see each because they were all Soviet apartments. The history of water heating began with cast iron and since the XIX century until recently it was a clear monopoly of the market. The cast is not terrible chemical reagents, high acidity and pressure surges.

In addition to reliability, today’s consumers the comfort and aesthetics and these parameters cast iron is clearly losing. Cast iron radiators are very heavy, heat up in the process so that they can burn even an adult not to mention children. They can not install energy-saving thermostatic head modern devices for temperature adjustment and have to constantly update the peeling paint. If the room with a cast iron battery has become too hot all you can do is to open the window.

Bimetallic radiators

Bimetallic radiators, by contrast, are actual market novelty. They are made of two metals: aluminum and steel, taking them the best. Sections are cast from aluminum and the inner manifold that is in contact with the coolant, is made of steel. Aluminium is not in contact with the coolant, and the entire structure is non-corrosive and can easily withstand a working pressure of from 30 to 50 bar.

Reminder: bimetal radiator Royal Thermo brand are suitable for installation in system, both Central and Autonomous heating. New model Super Indigo 2017 withstands pressure up to 200 bar.

Aluminum radiators

The radiator is made of aluminum, have a maximum dissipation up to 190 Watts on the section, thus easily regulated by means of thermostatic heads. Aluminium radiators are lightweight, strong, reliable and inexpensive, and due to the plasticity of the material, make the most whimsical designer shape.

Alas, for installation in a Central heating system, these radiators are not designed as to withstand pressure up to 16 bar, and fluctuations in pH of the coolant in the range of 7-8,5 units. Aluminum radiators are recommended only for Autonomous heating system.

Steel radiators

Steel radiators are of three types:

  • panel. Rectangular panels of different sizes and thickness, withstand the pressure up to 9 bar. Are inexpensive;
  • sectional. Imagine a stamped steel sheets can withstand up to 6 bar;
  • are much more expensive, mainly used in the interiors of private homes. Working pressure up to 15 bar.

The steel has good resistance to the aggressive acidity of the coolant, but poorly resists water hammer, so experts do not recommend to install a Central heating system.

Внедорожник среди радиаторов: биметаллический радиатор Indigo Super

The choice of the optimal modern radiator

Bimetal radiators — advanced generation heaters that are able to overcome all the vicissitudes of domestic Central heating systems and suitable for a country cottage.

Of course, in addition to technology, the importance is the quality of the material and the reliability of the manufacturer. All bimetal radiator Royal Thermo brand are produced on the oldest branch of the Italian factory of Campo Di Calore. They use aluminum alloy grade AK12M2 with a high content of silicon and copper that ensures high durability.

Each section of the bimetal radiator is completely installed steel manifold carbon steel grade 20, which also made boilers and heating pipes. Thus, the coolant is completely isolated from the aluminum shell, protected against corrosion. This is the basic difference of the radiators Royal Thermo from other producers that manufacture steel only vertical part of the collectors. Welding manifolds is produced by WR-obmerochny double welding seam for extra strength.

New 2017: bimetal radiator Indigo Super

In 2017, mark Royal Thermo has introduced a new powerful radiator Indigo Super with depth of section 100 mm and record the dissipation of 185 Watts, has all the advantages of bimetallic radiators of the company. The unique design of the upper part of the model sends back a stream of hot air and cuts off the cold coming from the Windows.

Внедорожник среди радиаторов: биметаллический радиатор Indigo Super

Tip: radiator Super Indigo withstands pressure up to 200 bar and is ideal for installation in a Central heating system.

Special attention is given to painting all radiators Royal Thermo. Painting takes place in 7 stages to exclude mechanical damage and durability of the coating even in high humidity conditions. Used environmental Nanocrete AkzoNobel (the Netherlands) and FreiLacke (Germany).

How to check the quality of the radiator was still in the store

Doubt the quality bimetal radiator? Going to the store, take a magnet! If the manufacturer decided to save, and fabricated of steel only vertical header, this will significantly reduce the resistance of the device to corrosion. Check trick is simple: the magnet is necessarily premagnetized to section full bimetallic radiator anywhere.

Reminder: radiators Indigo Super insured for 70 million rubles, and have warranty for 15 years of service. A real SUV for heating!