Cultural trend: the art of using a heavy tool

Культурный тренд: искусство с помощью тяжелого инструмента

We live in interesting times: the cultural revolution is helping people to realize their creative ideas with the help of petrol and electric tools.

It is not the first year across all Russia there is a growing movement of architects who made these statues of wood and concrete, using not a tool of sculptors, jigsaws, chainsaws, shlifovanie machines, perforators and drills. Recently in the Urals, has completed one of these competitions where participation of creative personalities from all corners of our vast country.

The author of these lines been following the work of Russian sculptors making stone or piece of concrete masterpieces. Interestingly, they do the main part of all work not by any sophisticated tools, and… a hammer! Yes, a regular hammer, which each artist chooses long and carefully. Some creators shared the secrets of choosing the right tools.

First, it is necessary to clearly distinguish the drill from hammer drill. Would be funny as may sound, the statement above, but these concepts — impact driver and punch — confuse even the most experienced masters. In many shops power tools impact drill can really be called a small hammer, but it is not so. The main distinguishing feature of these two tools is the effort of man, which must be applied to obtain the result. If the punch can be no effort to keep the place for the future hole, you squeeze the stronger the impact, the faster you get results. And in General — a drill with many materials to cope with the work — if the brick and wood she will be able to overcome, with a stone could not cope.

Punch — the tool is not cheap. Since this tool is faced with serious loads, it is recommended to choose the instances that came down the Assembly line-known brands — Makita, Bosch, AEG. Buy hammer and save is also not forbidden — you can do it, finding a suitable tool through the price comparison service, where the best deals all the leading online shops.