Adele doesn’t want her played rebel Wilson

Адель не хочет, чтобы её играла Ребел Уилсон

A few days ago in the media appeared rumors that soon will begin shooting the biopic about the British singer Adele. Called even the name of the actress, which entrusted the main role is comedienne rebel Wilson< /strong>. Her participation in the film about the life and work of the race scenes was to show her as a serious dramatic actress.

But has not passed also weeks, as Wilson herself has denied the news about the shooting and her participation in them. Rebel said that he loves the creativity of the Brits, but never even heard about such a project. Adele herself also had time to hear the news and already commented on it directly during the concert.

“I heard that rebel Wilson should play me in a movie. Don’t know if that’s true, but they’ll have to get my fucking consent: the fact that we’re both plus-size, it does not mean that she can play me in biopic” said Adele from the stage. Obviously, the news that she should be shoot not so concerned with the singer as the female lead. I wonder who would choose the singer.

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