Erin Heatherton told how the work with Victoria’s Secret affected her health

Эрин Хитертон рассказала, как работа с Victoria’s Secret отразилась на ее здоровье

Many models are once in a lifetime dream to wear the wings of the “angel” of Victoria’s Secret and walk on the presentation of the new collection of this brand. Once dreamed Erin Heatherton, but, most likely, then the girl had no idea what challenges she’ll face on the job and what will follow is the title of the “angel” Victoria’s Secret.

In 2013, Heatherton unexpectedly left the models the lingerie brand. Solution Erin thought someone reckless and unjustified. Many didn’t understand why at the peak of his career, ex-girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio has decided to give up such a prestigious job.

Today Hetherton told, because of what she has signed a contract with Victoria’s Secret and work on how this brand has affected her health.

According to the model in an interview Motto, it is literally forced to lose weight to look consistent with the brand image. According to Hetherton, the pressure on her leadership continued during the year, she worked in the gym twice a day, ate nothing, and she became depressed.

“I was very depressed, my body resisted all of this, and one day I came home late one night from training, looked at the food in the fridge and suddenly thought: “And maybe I need to stop eating altogether?” told model. And she was very scared. I realized that I could no longer go on the catwalk, flaunting your body in front of all these women who look at me and pretend that everything is easy and simple.”

After care with this stressful work Erin took several years to fully restore your mental state and to say goodbye to depression.

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