Janet Jackson will be the first mother in 50 years!

Джанет Джексон впервые станет мамой в 50 лет!
The star announced that she is pregnant.

Janet Jackson

Photo: Fotodom.ru

49-year-old sister of Michael Jackson has made a sensational
a confession: she’s pregnant! The star shared the exciting news by posting a video message
to his fans on the social network. “In my life occurred an important change
and I want you heard it here first. My husband and I are planning
expansion of the family. And now I’m forced to postpone its European tour.
Doctors recommended me a lot of rest. Please try to understand me,
for me what is happening now is extremely important. But I haven’t forgotten you, I
the tour will continue as soon as I can!” — said Janet.

In light of this news become clear events
the last few months. The fact that some time ago Janet
has been indefinitely postponed their concerts in America, explaining
his solution to the health problems. And soon after that she did
the statement that it will have some operation and encouraged their fans
to pray for her. This message seriously excited fans of the singer, which
I thought that the doctors discovered the singer some serious disease, maybe
even cancer. How happy fans of the singer, realizing that
actually, it probably was about the operation ECO!

The most amazing thing about this story is how all
the singer ventured on such a step. After may 16, this year she turns 50
years, and this will be her first child. Although Janet is now in the third
your marriage, the first two were childless. And even with his current spouse,
By wissam al Mana tried in vain to get pregnant for four years. It already
beginning to consider adoption, but the doctors had convinced Jackson that
it still has a chance to become a mother.

As for Wissam, who will also become a father in
the first time, he married Janet in 2012. Their wedding took place in an atmosphere
strict secrecy and was relatively modest. Meanwhile, al Mana and his
the bride could afford any luxurious event. After all, the state
Wissam, a businessman from Qatar is by the most modest estimations, not less
billion dollars, and the singer is also not a poor woman.

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