Пресс для запрессовки колесных пар ПГПК-150

QAIP-150 is a modern high-performance equipment allowing quickly and qualitatively to drive railway wheelsets and center their axis.

Company “Energoprom-Engineering has released a new equipment: automated hydraulic press for the manufacture and rework of railway wheel designs. QAIP-150 is equipped with precision drive, powerful hydraulics and modern electrics. High quality and high speed device is reliable and easy to use. All parts of the press have a greater margin of safety that excludes failures and downtime.

Features QAIP-150

Press for wheelsets QAIP-150 is a device intended for the manufacture of railway structures. It works by hydraulic amplification, the pressing is performed in cold condition. It is possible not only to center the wheels themselves, but also additional elements in between — axis. The press also allows raspressovki, if quality assurance has shown that there is a marriage.

Device QAIP-150 has several distinctive characteristics. Its main feature is the automated management that allows to avoid errors associated with human factors, and conduct all work much more easily.

The device has two modes of insertion of the wheels and bearing units for wheel axle:

  • manual;
  • automatic.

QAIP-15 —allows for diagnosis and the press.

Additionally, the equipment comes with various support and structural adaptations that facilitate the work:

  • spacer;
  • sleeve;
  • guides;
  • center.

For the correct operation of the press is necessary for a strong Foundation and room with special conditions. The Foundation of the project can be found in the documentation. Description of artificial climatic conditions correspond to GOST 15150-69.

If you are interested in the model, to see the entire performance here: http://www.e-eng.ru/catalog/kolesnaja-para/pgpk-150/.

CJSC “Energoprom-INZHINIRING” specializiruetsya the professional manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic steel equipment. The company produces presses for the manufacture and disassembly of the wheelset in various versions: there are basic models, and different functionality. The plant is one of the leaders of the country to create hydraulic systems and tools. QAIP-150 is a design that combines the best achievements in the field of creation of hydraulic presses and automation of production processes.