Столешницы из искусственного камня с дополнительными опциями

New opportunities for our clients that will help to make the kitchen brighter.

Company Levoni” more than 10 years manufacturing countertops made of artificial stone in Moscow and from 1 September 2016, expanding its line of services with new services that will add personality to your kitchen.

Столешницы из искусственного камня с дополнительными опциями


Now we can inlay any countertop in a variety of patterns and pictures almost any colour. You can choose an image from our catalog, or offer their own to evaluate the possibility of creating this inlay our experts.

We offer 2 types of inlays:

  • Inlay edge, or surface of the repetitive pattern
    In this case, the incrustation of the edge or surface of the countertop runs a repeating pattern (see image 1). For this ideal patterns with a cyclical pattern, but we can also make duplicate almost any single figure.
  • Inlay surface image
    This type of inlay is good enough to make one or more individual images is dominant in the composition of your kitchen. It can be any pattern, except that small technical limitation on where you will be happy to talk to our experts.
  • Backlight

    Another important option that we have implemented into mass production this fall — illumination. Illumination can be performed from the internal side of the countertop (see picture 2), or its edge, and from the outside.
    It consists of more thin or light layer of artificial stone and led strips that provide uniform illumination.

    Lighting is a spectacular addition products, which, no doubt, will help to make your kitchen memorable and striking in every sense.
    If you plan to order a new countertop made of artificial stone or upgrading the old one — will be happy to answer any questions.

    Our contact details:

    Website: www.levoni.ru
    Phone: +7 (495) 724-52-56
    Address: Moscow, St. Sparks, d. 17A, building 3, office Levoni