«Катарсис» подписал договор о поставке электрооборудования Legrand компании «К-раута»

Leading the brand in the market of finishing and building materials K — Rauta, has signed a contract with the company “Catharsis” for the supply of electrical equipment from the line of Legrand. Every week the supplier will ship the equipment to the new partner.

The signing of the contract with the largest retail brand involved in the sale of goods for construction and home improvement, have allowed the supplier of electrical equipment, the company “Catharsis”, to expand the market for products Legrand.

Modern equipment of the French brand

“Catharsis” will ship trading company products Legrand is a French brand, which is produced by modern equipment of high quality. Trade mark known all over the world, under it produced more than 215 thousand types of products, including patented solutions.

The French manufacturer produces a wide range of electrical equipment for residential and commercial properties, office buildings and industrial sites. In the line of the brand presents all kinds of electrical equipment, ranging from outlets and switches, finishing boards, TV and modern self-contained units lighting. Products meet European standards.

The company Katarsis is a partner of Legrand, supplying any goods represented in the lineup. More products from catalogue are available on the website http://electro.katharsis.ru/.

Equipment Legrand is distinguished by simple installation, easy maintenance, high reliability and functionality with it like to work professional electricians and end users.

The supply of electrical products at affordable prices

Since 2000 the company “Catharsis” has its own electrical Department, which carries out direct deliveries of equipment to different organizations and businesses. The company works with a wide range of products, solving any issues customers with electrical system:

  • all kinds of substations and switchboards;
  • the control panels (automation, accounting);
  • starters, circuit breakers and cable products.

Turning to “Catharsis”, you trust the issue of selecting and supplying equipment to professionals who can offer not only production decisions, but also to create a reliable and modern electrical equipment for circuits provided by customer.

Specialists provide a full range of services, including professional consultations, sales of equipment, project development, technical support and installation of electrical systems.