7 советов по озеленению двора

You often look with envy at the well-groomed flowerbeds in the neighbor’s yard and think that you will not achieve such results? It really is easy. In this article we will give you seven tips on gardening yard that will help make your dreams a reality.

  • Remember that it is your yard, and you can fulfill any of his fantasies, not paying attention to the conventions and opinions of others. It is not necessary to dwell on the lawn grass, you can use bushes with colourful flowers, trees and various decorative elements.
  • Place beds so that they can be admired from the Windows. It is not necessary to plant the flowers close to the house, so you simply will not see. In addition, planted right next to the walls of the plants can’t grow roots.
  • Don’t forget about the raised beds and beds. With this approach, you will significantly simplify the care of plants, will be able to provide them high-quality soil, you will have fewer problems with weeds. Raised beds will help to diversify the landscape of your yard.
  • Combine perennial and annual plants. So you will be able to achieve flowering from early spring to late autumn.
  • Before planting the plants, consider the color scheme and overall concept. Will look great flowerbeds, which combines shades of the same color with some contrasting plants.
  • Don’t forget to find out what height achieved plants are planted. Combine plants so that they do not block and do not interfere with each other.
  • Do not forget about pruning, because this procedure is very important. Cut before the plants will give the kidneys.

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