Секреты эффектных клумб из многолетников

Understanding simple algorithms to create flower beds to develop a beautiful composition of perennial flowers will be easy and simple.

Секреты эффектных клумб из многолетников

5 secrets of making spectacular flower beds:

  • The greatest effect in the flowerbed can be achieved by plants are able to increase quickly green mass. This ability allows you to maintain decent form when in any adverse situations, be it weather or the delicate children’s hands.
  • Better to give preference to perennial flowers with ornamental foliage. Because mostly perennials bloom for a short time, and flowerbed we need beautiful always.
  • If possible, use arrays of plants of the same species. This technique will allow you to show the plants with the winning hand at fruit bloom.
  • Choose the color idea flowerbeds. Pick harmonious colors combined with each other or play on the contrast.
  • Consider the texture and size of leaves. They can be glossy or fluffy, carved, rounded, angular, wavy. By varying these parameters it is possible to achieve maximum effect.
  • Секреты эффектных клумб из многолетников

    When designing flower beds in the first place it is necessary to consider such characteristics as the need of plants in sunlight. Depending on these parameters we can create the following types of beds: the shadow, Sunny and partially Sunny.

    After we have determined these parameters usually becomes an indicator for soil types: sand, loam, etc. Among the modern types of plants there are many not picky about soil types at the same time quite decorative. They will feel good on any, not even fertile soil.

    Having dealt with those indicators and sorted plants by groups, we can proceed to the selection of plants considering the color and texture of leaves, flowering, dimensions.

    The list of plants is quite wide and it is possible to create beautiful flower beds that will grow on any soil. For example: Polaris, elimus, stonecrop, houseleek, dead-nettle, spurge and others. Beds of this assortment will be able to grow for any beginner gardener.

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