5 свежих идей новогоднего декора интерьера

Even the most reluctant citizens are trying to decorate your home for Christmas. However, the Christmas decor does not always mean that it is necessary to hang throughout the apartment with garlands, red-and-green design tinsel or Christmas decorations! We offer you a selection of original ideas Christmas decorations, many of which are easy to repeat with his own hands from scrap materials.

5 свежих идей новогоднего декора интерьера
The Fashion Medley

Flat tree on the wall

You don’t have a lot of space in the room, and I would like, in addition to a Christmas tree would fit a dining table, a place for dancing and at least a couple of guests?

5 свежих идей новогоднего декора интерьера
Cox and Cox

The output is clear: instead of the usual tree you need it original and as flat as possible analogue. It could be panels of fabric with a painted Christmas tree, removable vinyl decal, flat silhouette from plywood or herringbone-shelf from our master class. Unusual and compact the mass of options and most of them not only look stylish, but also very low cost and practical.

5 свежих идей новогоднего декора интерьера
Vinyl Wall Design

New Year for minimalists

Less is better! Traditional decor with a ton of tinsel and toys in a minimalist high-tech interior will look ridiculous. Just 1-2 items of decoration in a single color will be enough to this environment has become a festive mood without compromising style and wallet.

5 свежих идей новогоднего декора интерьера
West Elm

Light the stars

Star of Bethlehem — a traditional symbol of Christmas. And yet it’s incredibly stylish and striking decorative element of the interior! Stars-candlesticks for serving festive table, hanging paper stars for garlands and window decorations, and of course, the top of the Christmas tree are just a small part of the application in festive decorations.

5 свежих идей новогоднего декора интерьера
Jenna Ratata

Large paper star is easy to do with their hands and to illuminate the inside led lights, they can fully replace all the other holiday decorations in a modern interior, including a traditional Christmas tree.

5 свежих идей новогоднего декора интерьера
Trend Yard

The flowers on the tree

And why not? Bright and fresh option for those who don’t know, than to decorate the Christmas tree and would like to enjoy a positive summer colours even in the winter. Of course, we are not talking about the beautiful, but short-lived flowers. But their paper replacement, hand made them of paper, perfect for unusual Christmas decorations not only Christmas trees, but also the entire interior.

5 свежих идей новогоднего декора интерьера
Design Love Fest

5 свежих идей новогоднего декора интерьера
Classy Clutter

Mobiles, garlands and pendants

Another unusual variant of decoration for small spaces. Original Mobil, suspension or Christmas song can be hung over the Banquet table, saving space and creating the right atmosphere.

5 свежих идей новогоднего декора интерьера

Here you are as free in their imagination. As hanging Christmas decorations can be a traditional fir wreath, stylish geometric composition made of paper, textured tree branch with decorations of stars and balls, etc. Suitable and easy to create a variant you can come up with almost any style.

5 свежих идей новогоднего декора интерьера
Planete Deco

As you can see, the original decor does not require much space, money, skills or time. Most importantly, the sense of taste and imagination, as well as a sincere desire to create an atmosphere of celebration!