Революционное новшество строительства фундамента на винтовых сваях!

If your goal is to build the Foundation, then the cheapest and simplest option is the screw piles. They will allow the installation of foundations of the building quickly, in all weather conditions using special equipment.

Революционное новшество строительства фундамента на винтовых сваях!

Most often, the construction of pile Foundation is in the construction of small low-rise buildings. Including houses, baths, fences, cottages, private houses, pavilions and other buildings.

Speed of installation depends on the team of installers, what type of soil in your area. Mechanized method involves the installation of 20 piles per hour. This is a Foundation for your future home! The company “Technowin” before any work can conduct a test screwing, to determine the type of soil.

How does the installation of screw pile-Foundation?

Phase 1

Before you begin the installation of piles, you need to produce preparatory work on the future site construction — soil analysis and preparation.

It should be required to obtain information on the composition of the soil, depth of freezing in winter, groundwater level, etc.

It is clear that the analysis of the soil properly can produce only specialists. They will also tell you how far to screw piles. It is not necessary to do the soil analysis, based on the notes of your neighbors.

Stage 2

Choosing piles for the Foundation must consult the accompanying documents. They can know the bearing capacity of piles and proper conditions for their use.

With this knowledge it will be easier to chart the location of the piles. The distance between supports cannot be more than 3 meters.

Step 3

Guided by the layout of the piles, you need to make a layout on the construction site. At the locations of the supports are stakes or other marks.

Step 4

For installation of screw piles manually you need at least 3 or better 5 people. The work is as follows. In the place of installation of the support defined according to the scheme set pile.

A hole at the top of the pile, inserted a thick rebar, which is elongated by means of metal pipes. Two (or 4 people) start screwing, and the third (fifth) monitors the angle of the pile when driving.

Mechanized method enough 2 people. One checks the level, and the second screws. This speeds up the process and makes it more reliable

Quite an important point to trace the level. The slope angle depends largely on the correct installation. Deviation even by 3-4 degrees can negatively affect the quality of the Foundation. As a rule, for 1-2 days it all piles will be screwed.

Революционное новшество строительства фундамента на винтовых сваях!

Step 5

Then all the piles is the markup with the help of a level. This marking piles are trimmed to achieve the same height from the ground. Hollow piles are filled with concrete solution that will prevent corrosion and make the pile more stable. On top of the pile is brewed with headroom.

Революционное новшество строительства фундамента на винтовых сваях!

Step 6

The last part of the installation of the grillage. Tying or raft Foundation is designed for clamping piles with each other. When screwing the soil is compacted, and pile it is quite hard.

Революционное новшество строительства фундамента на винтовых сваях!

However, all the piles are installed separately, and need to build a solid Foundation. To this end, all pillars connect with each other.

This can be done using different materials:

  • I-beams;
  • a wooden bar;
  • shaped tube;
  • channel.

Once the raft is assembled, the Foundation for the future of the building is ready.

The company “Technowin” produces screw pile-Foundation, and conducts the installation. Having huge experience of our team helped to find the dream home for many families in the suburbs. Call and order pile Foundation at +7(495) 989-98-18. Our experts are always happy to assist you.