15 years without a “Brother”: my classmates remembered what was Sergei Bodrov

15 лет без «Брата»: одноклассники вспомнили, каким был Сергей Бодров Filmmakers killed in an avalanche that fell down on the Karmadon gorge on 20 September 2002. People who studied with Bodrov, told about his school years. According to Olga Terry, he was always humble and funny guy.
15 лет без «Брата»: одноклассники вспомнили, каким был Сергей Бодров

Fifteen years ago, September 20, Karmadon gorge avalanche Kolka, which took 125 lives. Among them was the crew of the film “the Messenger,” headed by film Director Sergey Bodrov-younger. The search for victims continued for one year, but to no avail.

Classmates actor still don’t believe in tragedy. They said “StarHit”, how do remember the main brother in the country.

There is nothing to hesitate!

“When in first class saw the Earring, I thought, “What a cute boy!” – says “StarHit” Olga Makhrova, a classmate of the actor. And like a regular guy and look something catchy!

Later we moved closer, but I still do not understand the secret of his appeal. He was always eerily humble and funny! I remember once in 9th grade chemistry teacher for bad behavior put the entire class of two. It spoiled the final grades to many guys upset because wanted to associate the life with medicine. Then Seryozha decided to cheer up and offered: “let’s celebrate our unsatisfactory?” Got approval from the whole company, saying, “isn’t that right, Serge! Nothing to MOPE!”
15 лет без «Брата»: одноклассники вспомнили, каким был Сергей Бодров

Gathered I at the cottage – barbecue, guitar songs and forgot all about pairs in the diaries. After a few months they told the teacher, she laughed for a long time.

For Bodrov deuce is an exception, as a rule, he received only fours and fives, especially came easily to it story. This subject Sergey was interested in the 5th grade. Often stayed after class the teacher to tell me more about the kings or myths. Such gatherings were not in vain: Bodrov, the only person at the graduation was given the diploma “For successes in history!”. For Sergei it was very important, as he did in MSU history Department. None of the guys are offended that they are not praised”.

A frequent visitor of the school was father Sergei. He even took part in local Amateur. “Everyone knew that Bodrov-senior – Director, – continues Olga. – Sometimes after school he got us some movie nights, the son he always helped.

How to begin the first lesson, Serge announced, “Guys, today my dad will show in the Assembly hall of his movies! Come see! Here people were stuffed… by the Way, the Earring has played dad in the movie “I hate you.” Before the shooting he started in class a debate among the guys. Suggested: “Who dares to shave, that’s going to be on TV.” Grey so was looking for a stand-in, didn’t want to say goodbye to the hair. But no volunteers come forward!”.
15 лет без «Брата»: одноклассники вспомнили, каким был Сергей Бодров

Soldier boy

The first month of summer Bodrov spent in school camp. “The recreation center was located in Ozersk district, in the village Emelyanovo, says “StarHit” Tamara Vsevolozhskaya. – That’s where we met. We lived in a hut that resembled a hostel for workers. The washbasin stood on the street. We are forever soiled the shoes when went to him. So brush your teeth and then you sit there for twenty minutes oncovirinae the dirt from the soles. No toilets did not exist, like in the toilet – run in the yard. Once a week wash in the bath.

In the camp we got our first salary, Sergei stood on the weeding beds usually. For four hours he had been digging in the earth. And never complained! When the teachers presented the long-awaited money, we spent it all on candy. Because time is scarce, and sweet wants. Later we had a part time job even steeper – at the factory “Udarnitsa”. Had packing in boxes of chocolate and marshmallow. Oh, Seryozha never in my life so many sweets not seen. Once the pastry loudly commanded: “Finished! You can have it!”, – so immediately rushed to eat. Ate for life!”

About star graduate still remember and master.

“Sergei was an ordinary good-natured boy, – shares with “StarHit” Galina Valentinovna, the first teacher Bodrov. Can’t forget how he made a fuss in the Moscow hospital number 25. When my daughter was born, the whole class ran with congratulations to the ward. But Sergei was not. Think, “Well, I think he’s sick!”
15 лет без «Брата»: одноклассники вспомнили, каким был Сергей Бодров

And in the evening I hear a knock at the door, and in walks a doctor. “Galina Viktorovna, then you have a chocolate handed. Some third grader. – Bodrov!” I was very surprised, pleasantly. And the doctors kept asking: “who is this brave fellow? Really your son?”. I only replied, “My best student!” The last time I saw you was at graduation. When the Shackle with the class stopped celebrating, volunteered to walk me home. On the way we talked about life, plans for the future. Still in front of me is his way, and in my head that old phrase: “Well, I went, Galina! Bye!”. Our meeting did not take place…