Экс-невеста Николая Баскова зажигает на яхте в компании мужчин The singer happily spends time. Sophie of Kalcheva admitted that resting together with her lover and his friend. Fans were happy for the actress, who shortly after breaking up with Nicholas Baskova established personal life.
Экс-невеста Николая Баскова зажигает на яхте в компании мужчин

Not so long ago it became known that Nikolay Baskov severed ties with singer Sophie Kalcheva and preparing for the wedding of Victoria and lopyrevoy. However, the artist long mourned for her lover and at the end of July, told reporters that her heart is not free.

Now the former darling of the gold voice of Russia went on a trip with friends. Sophie pleases fans of photos, which she did on the yacht. Kalcheva is located on the middle of the large table and took a seductive pose. Fans wondered who the artist spends time. She did not hide that the company is her lover and his friend.

“I was with her and his friend! Well, on their yachts float! And they’re here talking to me about healthy eating,” – said subscribers artist.

The followers admire the way Sophie spends his free time. They are happy that she has the opportunity to relax by the sea in good company. “Elegant ahtoska. Good rest in friendly company. The most beautiful and extraordinary girl in the world”, “Sophie, you’re so gorgeous”, “graceful beauty! Very slim. And as soon as it could?” – admired subscribers.

Now Sophie is enjoying the relationship with your new lover. The singer told the story of their love. They have been know for a long time – the man always had feelings for her. According to her, she only recently realized that it combines all the qualities about which you can dream of.

Kalcheva Baskov thankful for three happy years they spent together. Despite the fact that their relationship never ended with marriage, the singer is not upset. She didn’t hide the fact that they have a misunderstanding, and even turned to Nicholas. Nikolai Baskov: “Sonya does not live and suffer”

“So pay attention to me more. Two days of waiting, when you arrive, and you tea with me to drink do not want tired. And again on tour. This your habit to swear – to stop talking and even the phone did not take. Wait, when cool. Me this, among other things, angry. After this become more and more afraid. But to put up you are able to. Sitting in the room, no one is allowed, evil. Come in, throw a bouquet of roses, a little scary to me as the kiss. There’s any melted! Thank God, at least you recently stopped all the hugging, and then look impossible,” said Sophie in an interview with “StarHit”.