Socialite Ilona Stolie estranged husband-millionaire

Светская львица Илона Столье разъехалась с мужем-миллионером The woman took a fancy to Monaco the apartment in which she was always hiding from life’s troubles. Rumored to be in a relationship Ilona Stolie and businessman Vitaly Yuzhilin, not everything went smoothly. In an interview with reporters the model said he did not know how long this period.
Светская львица Илона Столье разъехалась с мужем-миллионером

36-year-old actress and model Ilona Stolie, the wife of the Deputy and the businessman-millionaire Vitaly Yuzhilin, now lives in Monaco. The apartment, which is inhabited by blonde, located on the seventeenth floor of an apartment building. Woman tastefully furnished the apartment, not sparing of money on interior design.

They say that in Monaco the apartment Ilona is experiencing problems in his personal life. According to rumors, she is now experiencing some difficulties in relations with Deputy Vitaly Yuzhilin. However, as it became known to journalists, the couple formally divorced yet with zero, but after divorce the former spouses managed to re-establish relations. Speaking with journalists, Stole confirmed that not so long ago parted with the civil husband, but chose not to go into details. While Ilona has not ruled out the possibility of a reunion with Vitali.

“Family life is never without storms. Especially long-lasting, and we are still together seventeen years. Vitaly – my closest people, we have two children, and it’s forever. Perhaps we have such stage – everyone lives their lives, supporting each other in the distance. It happens: people lived-lived and dispersed. Maybe for a while – no one knows what will happen in a week. Still ten times will change,” she said.

One thing is clear – in the coming months, Ilona Stolie’ll take the granite of science. Socialite plans to go on courses, the prestigious British educational institutions Saint Martins. The wife of a businessman will have to attend classes for a whole semester.

“I’m one of those who realized the beauty of the educational process only in the fourth ten. In high school, the University learning seemed to be something distracting from what’s really important,” says Stole.

The woman believes that the move to London is the perfect solution. Stole have determined nine-year-old daughter Michelle in an English school. In the morning, Ilona will take the girl lessons, and then take it. The son of socialite, fifteen-year-old Philip, eagerly awaiting her mother’s arrival. Teenager long enough, St Edwards and considers a parent’s best friend. Between close friends established this relationship of trust that they are not afraid to touch any of those. “I have no fear to discuss with him and the drugs, sex and money,” said Stolle.

As for social life, Ilona decided to limit their appearance in public. Now women are increasingly prefer fashion event of the evening in the company of friends. “With age I became more greedy for personal time and not think it’s a disadvantage”, – quotes Stole Tatler magazine.