Grown: children of the stars at fashion Week in Paris

Доросли: дети звезд на Неделе высокой моды в Париже

It has long been known that fashion shows the stars go not only to the creations of the designers to watch, but to show. And bring out the younger kids. What for these parties are still too small, but the daily show, which will gather the cream of fashionable society, is the perfect option.

Natalia Vodianova in the fifth time became a mother a month ago but has already returned to secular life. The model has participated in the show herself, and July 3 came as a guest to support the Paris fashion Week friend Ulyana Sergeenko. And took a 10-year-old Neva.

“Devochka in a hurry to see his first couture show of Ulyana Sergeenko. It may seem that it is not I her and she me lead,” signed Natalie frame of microblog.

Debut Neva survived with dignity proudly walked with my mother by the paparazzi swinging the handbag Lady Dior, the show was focused and serious. However, with the world of fashion girl. Together with her mother she has managed to pose for a charity Zarina directory, so the show was kept modestly, but confidently.

You can not say about the daughter of Milla Jovovich ever. 8-year-old girl obviously felt uncomfortable among the photographers and crowds of strangers. Barely leaving the car, ever clung to mother and and was afraid to let her go at least a step.

But the daughter of will Smith willow felt like a fish in water. It and is clear: the girl is already building his own career – records songs in films. And willow – terrible fashionista. About it in the Western press write not less than a stellar father, and closet examines adolescent gloss. Grown younger Smith to the fashion show, which, incidentally, was accompanied by her mom and dear old dad.