10-летнюю модель осудили за фото в бикини

The most beautiful girl Kristina Pimenova planet condemned too skimpy bathing suit and excessive thinness.

Yesterday, Internet users celebrated the international day of the bikini and posted the pictures in bathing suits, which for the most part pleasing to the eye. But some of the pictures raised questions…

Literally under a barrage of criticism hit the 10-year-old model Kristina Pimenova (blog on behalf of the daughter leads her mother) that fans dubbed “the most beautiful girl of the planet.” Subscribers girls in Instagram decided that the swimsuit shows too provocatively for so young a person.

“When her mother publishes such pictures, although she wonders how many pedophiles around?”, “Shooting in all the magazines – it’s not normal. Beautiful child, let this beauty more alive, you just ruined a child’s life!” – outraged people.

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But there were also those who found the girls outfit is quite decent, but her figure is really worrying.

“There is nothing to publish child in a regular swimsuit, but Christina looks very thin,” said one of the subscribers.

Recall that in his later years, Christina has made a career, and having to work with Prada, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Dsquared2. But, in addition, she became famous for her photos in Instagram periodically cause a storm of criticism about teen sexuality girls. However, the mother denies the erotic subtext of these images.

Well, as they say, everyone sees everything in their own eyes. Well, or beauty in the eye of the beholder. But one subscribers Christina right a hundred percent it really is very thin. And it is no longer fashionable. And even Angelina Jolie admitted it.

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  1. She looks good in the bikini.. My daughter is 8 and she wears bikinis and at times she only wears the bottom no top.. So, this is nothing.

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