Женская драма: Хадид и Свифт в одинаковых купальниках

The tragedy happened at a house party in honor of independence Day.

To the Grand bash on the occasion of the national holiday Taylor prepared thoroughly. Decorated your gorgeous home for $ 18 million, ordered expensive meals and invited friends and colleagues. For such a solemn event, the singer even picked up a matching outfit – swimsuit in the colors of the American flag. So here’s the thing, exactly the same party came another pretty girl, model Gigi Hadid.

Женская драма: Хадид и Свифт в одинаковых купальниках
Taylor Swift

Gigi Hadid

Hangout in the mansion, swift began fun. The guests at the door were met by a hostess in a beautiful bathing suit and with a radiant smile on his lips. The mood at Taylor’s was clearly on top. But then on the horizon it appeared, rival Gigi Hadid. No, the 21-year-old supermodel does not claim to be the heart of the newly beloved singer of Tom Hiddleston. She decided to steal her image… And came in the same one piece bathing suit the firm’s SOLID & STRIPED. Such is the embarrassment. Guests of the event were for the eyes to whisper, who the outfit looks better, but in the end, to a common opinion have not come. Both girls looked in bathing suits just magical. And awkward situations are treated with humor. At least he gave no sign. But I made sure not to get together in the lenses of the paparazzi.

By the way, none of the participants would not be surprised if someone else of the famous ladies came exactly in the same outfit. Swimwear of this brand are popular among the stars due to bright vertical strips and retrodizayn. Is this model about 10 000.

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