Ziraddin Rzayev about the conflict with Alexander Gordon: “He’s not able to apologize”

Зираддин Рзаев о конфликте с Александром Гордоном: «Он не способен извиниться» Psychic was kicked out of the program “Male/Female”. Ziraddin Rzayev was outraged by the behavior of TV presenter Alexander Gordon. According to the clairvoyant, he did incorrectly. However, Ziraddin not waiting for his opponent to admit his guilt.

Ziraddin Rzayev is one of the most popular psychics in the country. It helps ordinary people and the stars. This man often visits a variety of television programs. Recently, he was invited as an expert on the show “Male/female”.

The discussion focused on the frequent deceptions of the population from the charlatans that seem to be psychics. Alexander Gordon said he did not believe in the paranormal. According to some viewers, leading roughly spoke with star expert. “StarHit” contacted Ziraddin Rzayev, who commented on the situation.

“I said that I have higher education, specializies in psychology and possess superhuman abilities. Gordon began to say that all this lies, deception, parapsychology. What I’m psycho. I responded to his criticism, and the master has demanded to expel me from the movie. I decided to talk about this insolence, I will probably cut from the program. What right had he to behave like that? I have several higher educations, and if I was invited to the shooting, so I’m supposed to Express their own opinion,” – said Rzayev.

Ziraddin does not deny that the topic of the program is very meaningful to him. According to Rzayev, the charlatans posing as psychics really exist. However, the man is sure that in the world there are people with unique psychic abilities, and among these nuggets he includes himself. Star gladly helps those who need it, and therefore requires a respectful attitude.

According to Ziraddin, many spectators present on the set, supported him. They noted that Alexander Gordon lost his temper and behaved improperly. After that, the psychic wrote a message in which he described the situation.

Despite his resentment, Sarradin not going to file in court for insult of honor and dignity. He even expects an apology from Alexander.

“I believe that an apology can only be a good, sensitive person, aware of their shortcomings. And Gordon’s not like that. However, if he apologises for his actions, I would be very happy, because he will change the opinions of others about themselves”, – said the psychic.

The man said that he works in television and knows how to communicate with a variety of programs. However, such an attitude on the part of Alexander Gordon did not affect the desire Rzayev to participate in a TV show. He intends to continue to talk about their unique abilities.