Dmitry Orlov is preparing to sue the airline

Дмитрий Орлов готовится судиться с авиакомпанией The actor trapped in a bad situation during the flight. In October, information appeared that the eagles staged a riot. According to Dmitry, nothing happened. He’s now planning to defend their rights and submits a claim.
Дмитрий Орлов готовится судиться с авиакомпанией

In October came the news that the famous actor Dmitry Orlov became the instigator of the brawl on Board the plane EN route from Minsk to Moscow. Eyewitnesses claimed that the movie star was in a state of alcoholic intoxication and port property of the airline. Dmitry broke the chair. The flight attendant working on the flight, said that the actor did not fulfill safety requirements: during the takeoff, he didn’t turn off the phone and did not remove the headphones. Besides, according to the employee of the airline, he was rude to her.

Orlov is outraged that he is considered a brawler. The movie star chose to immediately refute the statements of the stewardess. Now he is preparing to deal with the airline in court.

“The fifth of October I was returning from a tour. Below me just broke the chair. Any uproar from my side was not, this can be confirmed by colleagues who were flying with me. I didn’t do anything that could damage the seats. From my side, preparing the claim to the airline”, – said the actor.

Previously Orlov claimed that the flight attendant behaved aggressively. Says the actor, an employee threatened to land the plane in Smolensk because of his behavior. In the end, the airline filed for property damage. To the police station “Domodedovo” was organized to test for this reason. According to the artist, no criminal case was initiated. Since Dmitry was attended by his colleagues, they can confirm that his fault in what happened there.

Dmitry believes that the court will pay attention to the violation of the airline. “The lawsuit will address consumer protection, as Board, my life was jeopardized,” – said Orlov comments in the “Source”.

Dmitry remembered by Russian audiences for the films “the Sky. The plane. Girl”, “Sea patrol”, “God has his plans” and many others. Orlov was married to Irina Pegawai, they have a daughter Tanya. The couple divorced in 2011. At the moment, the actor is happily married with a colleague in the shop Xenia Entelis.