Ex-wife sues Marat Basharova

Бывшая жена подает в суд на Марата Башарова Catherine Arkharov outraged by the behavior of a famous actor. Recently Marat Basharov told reporters that he didn’t beat the ex-spouse. According to the artist, many turned from him because of the slander of Catherine. The actress denies such allegations.
Бывшая жена подает в суд на Марата Башарова

Last week, the actor with his young wife Elizabeth flew to Tallinn to celebrate her birthday. A couple walked, enjoyed the little vacation and not even suspected that on his return to Moscow, they will have to wait for an unpleasant surprise: the ex-wife Catherine Arkharov wants to bring the TV presenter to court. The fact is that during the filming of “a Perfect repair” Basharov on the question of the attack on Arkharova in 2014, said: “I Say I then beat her severely, but this was not. It’s awful. After the scandal I’ve alienated many friends.” This statement deeply angered Catherine and she is ready to take action.

“This was not”: Marat Basharov for the first time in many years, talked about beating ex-wife

On his head

“What Marat was silent for three long, painful years and spoke only on the expiry of the Statute of limitations? – angry actress. – The law of the Russian Federation at this time I could apply for criminal case on the fact of beating. Basharov, at that time, my legal husband, caused me injuries of moderate severity. He faces up to five years imprisonment…
Бывшая жена подает в суд на Марата Башарова

All the information and evidence are still my lawyer. But I took pity in the first place because of the little Amelie (daughter of the actor from civil marriage with Elizabeth Crocco, which in combination is its Director. – Approx. “StarHit”), she often stayed with us. The girl was then only ten years old, and I didn’t want to deprive her of the father.”

Basharov and Arkharov played a lavish wedding on 31 may 2014 in gated community in the suburbs, and in October the actress with a broken nose and brain concussion was taken to the hospital. Traces of the beatings were clearly visible during a video interview that Catharine gave the chief editor of “StarHit” Andrey Malakhov. One of the few who supported host “battle of the psychics” in the story, was Elizabeth Crocko. But Tatiana Tarasova is not only lost, but also led the actor to publicly repent in the program dedicated to the show “Ice age”, “you’ll apologize to the whole country and do it tactfully in relation to the woman – to any that can beat a drunk man in the presence of a child, or I’m getting out of here! You don’t need tables to sit and trophies to show, but in an entirely different place.”

In response, Marat barely uttered: “Tatiana… the whole country will say: “Kate, I loved, love and will love always. And I want to ask you for forgiveness.” Arkharov sorry for the offender, and not go to court, even though the consequences of the fight. The woman in the temporal area found a tumor the size of 1.5 cm. Fortunately, after a survey found that the formation of benign, but the actress is still suffering from headaches and seeing a doctor. “It is a pity that on my way met such a deceitful and cowardly man who used to hide behind someone’s skirt and not be held accountable for words and actions – continues Catherine. – But, alas, love is evil…”

To help the actress with a lawsuit ready friend Catherine Gordon, a human rights activist and founder of the legal company “Gordon and sons”.

“I did three years ago warned Kate that this is the case, you can not just leave. But she behaved like most women who find themselves in a similar situation. At that point she was psychologically broken, was in illusions and hoped for some apology. In the end the time lost, and now ex-husband denies everything, – said the lawyer. – Of course, we can sue for libel, but we will ask where the action for beatings? Will start the paperwork and the process will be delayed. Well, there is documentary evidence of injury”.
Бывшая жена подает в суд на Марата Башарова

Current choice Ancharovoj, businessman Artem Ilyasov, advises her to turn the page and forget the past. Artem star met through common friends. The first time they spoke as friends, and then the relationship grew into a whirlwind romance. Not so long ago Ilyasov moved into the apartment of the actress on the West of the capital.

Under the heel

Basharov also in the bachelors of their stay, almost immediately had an affair with Elizabeth Savercool. 28 July 2016 the couple had a son Marcel. However, the wedding took place just this fall. After the wedding the couple went on a trip to the Dominican Republic, where Marat again and hit his wife. However, Lisa was quick to refute leaked to the Network information, explaining all of the domestic quarrel. But no smoke without fire, as we know, does not happen. They say that under the crown of a ladies ‘ man didn’t go willingly, but under pressure from the lady, tired of uncertain status.

“Relatives of the bride initially opposed the Alliance with Basharov, which is famous for the fact that he loves to walk and to dissolve the hands, – has shared with “StarHit” surrounded by couples. But Lisa insisted. Like, I love! They often quarrel, although Elizabeth was not timid, and gives the date. Not once drove her husband out of the house one day so angry I almost broke the windshield of his car. Often conflicts resolves Mama Lisa – Natalia-willed and domineering woman. She’s helping to raise his grandson, while the son-in-law goes missing on the set”.
Бывшая жена подает в суд на Марата Башарова

Recall that Lisa was a fan of the actor, and she wrote to him in Facebook with the offer to meet. Cute blonde literally fascinated the artist, and later squeezed in turn. Giving birth to long-awaited son, Shevarkov feel full hostess. In the future, the wife of Marat plans to rebuild his country house. For this reason they moved to Moscow apartment, where the shooting took place program “a Perfect repair”. And even, despite all, tries to protect wife: “we’re good, normal family, – commented on the rumors Elizabeth. – Do not believe what they say.”

Arkharov, seasoned experience, I’m sure with a new wife Marat will not repeat past sins. “This is my defender not there, and Lisa’s brother Fedor is a frequent guest in their home, which is a fist fighter this kitchen without problems will stop”, said Catherine.

Бывшая жена подает в суд на Марата Башарова