Zhanna Epple is proud to care from her husband

Жанна Эппле гордится своим уходом от мужа The actress believes that beautiful wife left. Recall that Zhanna Epple lived for 17 years in a civil marriage with cameraman Ilya Fraser, from whom she had two children. Their parting was not without scandals.

      Жанна Эппле гордится своим уходом от мужа

      51-year-old honored artist Zhanna Epple — mother of two children and a popular actress of theatre and cinema. Jeanne called one of the sexiest women of Russian cinema. As for the personal life of a star, it is known that for a long time she lived in a civil marriage with cameraman and entrepreneur Ilya Frazem, son of the famous Director.

      Despite the fact that Epple still thinks of his ex-lover an amazing man in their relationship was not all smooth. Jeanne with the scandal broke up with Elijah. And recently did told reporters that he was proud of the way she left the man she loved. “You should see how beautiful, elegant and sophisticated I escaped!”, — confessed the actress.

      Currently Zhanna Epple is not alone. Recall that the actress admitted to “StarHit” that her heart is busy, and she is doing well. But to get married Epple has no plans, at least the elect of the actress became for a long time for her reliable support.

      Earlier, the actress said that he prefers to think more about a career than to dream. According to the actress, in fantasy there is no use, because they are not material. On them, says Epple, and not a loaf in the store to buy. But Jeanne is not afraid of poverty. In his entire acting career she had a lot to see, and the life of artists, in reality, very far from their invented images, which look from the screens or the pages of glossy magazines. And indeed the actor is a very difficult profession, but Jeanne have put up with this.

      The main value in life Epple — her children. Jeanne grows two sons: 15-year-old Efim and 24-year-old Potapov. As an actress, that is quite an achievement, and family is more important than diamonds and other attributes of beautiful life. The eldest heir Epple is an adult, he has a wife. Until Junior goes to school, he has a very complex nature. Both sons women support and watch over her like real men.

      “My children have grown up — the eldest is already married, the youngest is studying and brisk so that the Council it is hard to find. But most importantly, they were both real men: take care of me and try to make my life easier to the maximum”, — said the actress Hello.ru.

      The heirs of Jeanne Epple were born during her civil marriage with Ilya Presem. According to some, they broke up due to the fact that he often raised his hand to his wife. In addition, Ilya asked the actress with children to move out of his apartment, and the woman and her sons had to share a roof with his close friends. Frez also started a court process to evict the eldest son, who was in the apartment. The court sided with a former lover Jeanne.

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