Elina, Kamiren mind the accusations of destruction of the family

Элину Камирен задевают обвинения в разрушении семьи Her breakup with Alexander Zagajnovym sparked online criticism. Elina, Kamiren outraged public reaction to changes in his personal life. Eks-the participant “Houses-2” the offensive criticism in the address.

      Элину Камирен задевают обвинения в разрушении семьи

      After Elina, Kamiren had to go through humiliating procedure of the DNA test on fatherhood, her high-profile breakup with Alexander Zagajnovym began to discuss more. In the Studio of “live” eks-the participant “Houses-2” has publicly questioned that he was his dad little Sasha, which supposedly could be born and not from him. The man brought his ex-fiancee to tears, and then admitted that he was relieved.

      Zadoinov doubted his fatherhood and insists on a DNA test

      Meanwhile, the Internet was a heated debate about why the stars telestroke and failed to create a strong family. Many began to blame Elina that she did not show flexibility and did not go with a loved one in Yaroslavl, and remained in Moscow, where he obviously felt uncomfortable.

      “It’s a shame to read negative comments on the Internet that supposedly I ruined his family, threw the daughter on the nanny. That stuff touches me. All don’t explain how things are actually, for some reason people don’t believe that even after separation it is possible to maintain harmonious communication. I do not want to let the viewers and readers make hasty and wrong conclusions,” says Elina.

      Interestingly, from Kamiren and Zadoinov looked like the perfect couple. However, in recognition Elina, she while participating in a reality show “Dom-2” knew that in the future are unlikely to stay together with Zagajnovym. In fact they are linked only through joint participation in the program. Kamiren also emphasizes that Alexander didn’t leave her, and their separation took place in a peaceful manner – without scandals, arguments and tantrums.

      In addition, Elina does not exclude, but even be genuinely happy for Alexander, if he still manages to find love where it is sought, on the transfer of “Dom-2”. As suggested, Kamiren, the father of her daughter is back on the project, to build a relationship with some new girl.

      “By the way, it is possible that after some time he will again become a participant of “House-2″. And there is nothing wrong, he gets really comfortable, but if Zadoinov will find a new love, I’m just happy for him,” shares, Kamiren with the magazine “the House-2”.

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