Stas Mikhailov gave a party for friends

Стас Михайлов устроил вечеринку для друзей Friends of the singer impressed with his hospitality. Stas Mikhailov was invited on a family holiday in a rustic restaurant of friends with children. The company have celebrated Easter and congratulated the singer on his recent birthday.

      Стас Михайлов устроил вечеринку для друзей

      The popular singer Stas Mikhailov on Wednesday, April 27, celebrated his 47th birthday. On this day, the contractor took sincere congratulations and wishes of happiness from his wife ina, children, relatives, friends, and fans. Devout Orthodox traditions and is a true believer, Stas Mikhailov decided not to celebrate her birthday, which this year fell on Holy week, a time when not made to have fun. The singer is only limited to the words of gratitude to all those who congratulated him.

      But when lent ended, Stas Mikhailov decided to give their loved ones a real holiday in a country restaurant. As the man promoting family values, Stas invited to the party friends along with the children. The program of the holiday was invented so that it felt comfortable both adults and young guests of the singer. Among the invitees were seen Dmitry and Polina Dibrovy with son Sasha, Alika Smekhova with his son Makar, Arkady Ukupnik with family and other well-known personality. The holiday was really friendly and was held in an atmosphere of warmth, comfort and merriment.

      Стас Михайлов устроил вечеринку для друзей

      Guests Stas Mikhailov enthusiastically told on social networks about the details they invented partying, posting pictures and sharing their experiences about the celebration, arranged in a beautiful may day outdoors.

      … How awesome is our friend,” wrote Polina Dibrova under a joint picture with Stas Mikhailov and his beautiful wife, Inna. “It is finished – our dear Stas took Makar a group. Can leave on the deserved rest” – in a joking manner signed photo of Stas Mikhailov with his son Makar Alika Smekhova.

      Стас Михайлов устроил вечеринку для друзей

      The hospitality of the owner and his ability to make the visitors created a good mood to all participants of this holiday. The tables were Laden with gourmet treats, chief among which was, of course, a huge Easter cake weighing ten pounds. The hero of the occasion sang some of their hits, which are happy and danced and invited the hosts of the festival – Stas and Inna Mihailova.

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