Зеллвегер заявила, что больше не собирается толстеть

Who plays Bridget Jones fans disappointed: its rounded shape, once gained love of the audience, in the past.

In September the car will be a new part of the story about the charming plump “Bridget Jones 3”. This time the heroine will be in a very interesting position: not only that she is expecting a child, and is not known by anyone…

However, to call Bridget fatty is irrelevant. In the new film she will appear noticeably thinner. During promkompani paintings in Sydney performer of this role, Renee Zellweger explained in an interview, what is the reason. According to the actress, to lose weight character made the film’s Director Sharon Maguire.

“Sharon was hoping that we will be able to show that Bridget reached your ideal weight, but at the same time, this does not mean that her life was perfect” – quoted Zellweger Australian online edition of the News.com.au.

But Rene was ready heroically to gain pounds, as did the previous two times! For the filming of the first films added to the weight by 10 pounds, actively eating pizza and ice cream, and threw them immediately after the work, sea of hunger. That earned a reputation as one of the most dedicated Actresses in Hollywood.

Who knows, maybe Zellweger need to repeat the feat for the 4th part of the story if her character will get better after the baby is born?

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