Бородина рассказала, что делает со своей внешностью

The TV presenter is tired of the questions of the detractors and decided to tell the truth about the lips, teeth, hair and weight.

For the life of Ksenia Borodina watched more than 6 million subscribers, each of which tries to ask the star some kind of a trick question.

Under each of the presenter collected thousands of comments. “Lips are made?”, “And She did rhinoplasty?”, “It gets better, loses weight”, – discussing the appearance Borodina followers.

Popular TV presenter decided to answer all the questions and comments again: “Answer your frequently asked questions… Unions nutritionists and beauticians in jail I was put in prison. No blog about make, I am not! All this fakes! All advertising and all tips, links to other pages you can see only me on the page… the Lips did not shake, the teeth are not inserted, your hair. Growth 164, weight is 45-46”.

Fans thanked Xenia for your candor, and noted that she had perfect body proportions and face.

We will remind that more recently she has stated that her husband was unfaithful, but because star TV presenter filed for divorce. But Eid has decided to prove loyalty Borodina lie detector, and then Instagram stars began to appear pictures.

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