Зейн Малик бросил Джиджи Хадид

One of the most beautiful couples of the world of show business model Gigi Hadid and singer Zayn Malik ended their relationship six months after they start. As reported by the Western media, the initiator of the break was precisely the Executive who unceremoniously dumped the beautiful during dinner.

23-year-old musician threw Hadid three weeks after the birthday Gigi. He invited her to a romantic dinner in one of restaurants of Los Angeles, and said that he wanted to devote more time to her career and an affair with a beautiful girl takes him too much time. Strange and suspicious in this context, it is the fact that the lead singer of the band One Direction a few days ago was seen with a mysterious stranger, which journalists have not yet managed to identify.
This news shocked not only fans of couples – it was not ready and she is Gigi, which it seemed that he and Zane had excellent relationships. On your birthday Hadid introduced the gentleman to their parents, and Malik’s relationship took a serious turn. Perhaps young man afraid of that responsibility and simply “gave back”. Whatever it was, Hadid was shocked to the core and still not recovered.
Recall that on the novel “beautiful and famous” began in December of last year, then they stopped hiding your affair. At the beginning of this year, the couple amuse the eye, appearing at the opening ceremony of the Ball costume Institute, and their kisses have convinced everyone of the sincerity of their feelings. What happened then – we can only guess.

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