С сына Валерии сняли Rolex в Швейцарии

21-year-old Artemy Shulgin robbed the student on removable apartment.

Artemiy did not have time to get enough of the diploma of one of the best universities of Geneva, as a guy, there is a trouble.

While Shulgin was not home, someone broke into his rented apartment. And made young men accumulated money, and Rolex, a gift from my parents on the 20th anniversary. Now the last week in Switzerland star heir will be overshadowed by the campaigns for the police and the courts.

The search is complicated by the missing items and the fact that Artemiy noticed he was missing until four days later, as was not wearing expensive accessory constantly.

“Artemy was very upset, because you have stolen an expensive watch that we with Valeria gave him for his 20th birthday. It happened around five in the morning on Sunday in his rented apartment student – shared Iosif Prigozhin. — Actually I also didn’t find out immediately, he didn’t want to tell us,” – said Prigogine, writes Life.

However, a parent and a reason for joy. Artemy after the summer will return to Moscow. After studying in Geneva at two faculties – the programming and Finance, the guy intends to find a permanent job in the capital. And in the future and become a successful businessman.

“My boy, my happiness brilliantly graduated from the University. Smart, talented, dedicated, diligent… Our parental pride,” – said Valery joy in marking the end of son of the University.

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