Zara has apologized for his questionable behavior

Зара оправдалась за своё сомнительное поведение
The singer explained to the fans.

Singer Zara

Photo: @zara_music Instagram Zara

Singer Zara said that became a victim of Internet scams. Hackers hacked into her Instagram, she said on social networks.

The most unpleasant is the fact that the attackers were from the face of the singer’s correspondence with her friends and added her page a dubious publication.The actress apologized to subscribers for the incident and told me about who helped her to return the “reins”.

“I wanted to share with you information about the unpleasant incident with me happened recently… a Few days ago my Instagram was hacked. All this time my name had corresponded with you and have posted questionable posts. I apologize for the content of these publications! — posted by Zara. — Instagram is now restored, thanks to my caring fans. I thank all the artists, friends, all of you who were worried about me, called, helped. Thank you I have!”

Incidentally, in recent time, the stars are increasingly confronted with hacker attacks. Almost every second celebrity face in the fact that the enemies took possession of their personal accounts. In most cases, artists are able to “expel” the intruders with their pages in social networks. But there were occasions when the stars had to make new accounts and they lost a great part of the subscribers.