The son of Darya Pynzar: “Shore mom, she’s a girl”

Сын Дарьи Пынзарь: «Берегу маму, она же девочка» Artem said “StarHit” about quarrels of parents and jealous younger brother. Child star of the TV channel “Dомашний” discovered some family secrets and for the first time admitted that he was afraid to tell mom and dad.
Сын Дарьи Пынзарь: «Берегу маму, она же девочка»

With Daria and her eldest son, five year old Tom, we meet in the restaurant complex with kids club. “Come here often?” – I begin conversation, but the boy is clearly not configured on the conversation: instead of answering, Artem hiding under the table. After several attempts to get him out of there mother can not stand: “I’ll Have to blackmail you. If we do not give interviews, not buy LEGO!” The child then sits in front of me: “So what was it you wanted to ask me?”

The theme, what do you do in your spare time?
Сын Дарьи Пынзарь: «Берегу маму, она же девочка»Draw – parents and a squirrel from the cartoon “Ice age”. And I love to tan and wear glasses and lie on the couch.Review mom: “Like all men, Subject, like to pristinity. He, you see, the sun the house takes, with journalists every day deals. This morning I asked him, not worried if before the first interview, to which he replied: “afraid of what? I already did 15 times”. Although that is to say, his debut…”—
And fond of sports?
Сын Дарьи Пынзарь: «Берегу маму, она же девочка»I go to fight, I even have a special blue suit to practice. Already know how to do the bandwagon and capture. When we put in sparring, I often win but sometimes lose. Very worried about this, but my mom calms me down – says I’m still the most beloved and strong.
Who in your family home?
Сын Дарьи Пынзарь: «Берегу маму, она же девочка»Dad, listen to it all. In second place I, then my mother, followed by David. But I recently got sick and was chief – did everything the way I want. If we go somewhere without the Pope, for example to relax, he instructs me to follow the mother in order not bathed in cold water, wore sunscreen… And anyway, we cherish our favorite, she’s a girl.

Review mom: “We the Subject since childhood, explained: the man is always more important than women, even if he’s three years old. And it’s already paying off – trying to help me: the bags of groceries from my car to my apartment came, then tea will do… But at the same time requires me to be flexible. Before dinner recently asked him to cook pasta, and I took it and put it on the table soup, which before was prepared. He said sternly: “Mom, I wanted more. Why not listen to me?”

Сын Дарьи Пынзарь: «Берегу маму, она же девочка»
Dad and mom strict?
Сын Дарьи Пынзарь: «Берегу маму, она же девочка»No, they are good, often praised me is if the competition won, for example. That’s just candy never buy explain that there are they are very harmful. Sometimes, I ask them to give me any toy, and they don’t want – say, indulge. And I, in fact, flexible! They I’m not allowed to say bad words.—
May 15, David will be a year. How did your life change with his appearance?
Сын Дарьи Пынзарь: «Берегу маму, она же девочка»I have new responsibilities – to look after a baby, hold the bottle when he drinks. I call David super sweet and I love it, kisses a hundred times a day, because he smells the milk. Help brother in everything: to give up, to which he creeps, the rattle will amuse you, if he is naughty. When he grows up, teach him to do flips.Review mom: “Theme loves her brother. Recently our guest was his friend Nikita and jokingly said, “David is so cool, can I have it?” The eldest son was so excited, almost crying, began to say: “Mom, we will not hand him over? He’s our, like me!”

And what the brother look like you?
Сын Дарьи Пынзарь: «Берегу маму, она же девочка»We have with him, as well as the Pope, the holes between my front teeth. Generally, the how to check engine temperature is very cute, and everyone loves him. Mom and dad kiss it more often than me. Even when I try to be nice and help them around the house.—
Are you jealous?
Сын Дарьи Пынзарь: «Берегу маму, она же девочка»To be honest, Yes…Review mom: “the First time I hear about this… wow, I never would have thought! The topic we zatselovali it is squeezed. Probably after this interview, I will more often!”
Сын Дарьи Пынзарь: «Берегу маму, она же девочка»
When you grow up, who I want to be?
Сын Дарьи Пынзарь: «Берегу маму, она же девочка»Sub-Zero. Is a character from the game “mortal Kombat”. He thrashes all the bad people, I’m going to protect the weak. However, my mom would prefer if I became a Builder.—
Your mother starred in the reality show “Pregnant. After” on TV channel “Dомашний”. I love to watch her on TV?
Yes, but on the screen it is a little different than in real life. Elegant and says a lot, although usually is often silent. In the TV mom is not grumpy dad, and the house is – for example, due to the fact that he forgot to buy milk. But I love her always.