Orlando bloom is waiting for Miranda Kerr wedding invitation

Орландо Блум ждет от Миранды Керр приглашение на свадьбу
Model still retains with the groom a Platonic relationship.

Miranda Kerr and Evan Spiegel


Orlando bloom swears he and his ex
wife Miranda Kerr still best friends, on his marriage with boyfriend
Evan Spiegel, to be held in the near future, it is still not called. In any case, in
his recent interview on Radio X, bloom, not hiding his annoyance, said:
“So far I have not received her official invitation… But if she I
it was sent, I would have gone certainly!” And
hinted that he would very much like to attend this event — when Kerr
will be the legal wife of Spiegel.

the end of her marriage, Miranda and Orlando announced in October 2013. They parted without a scandal and since then the total
efforts to peacefully raise their son Flynn, who in January of this year has been
six years. With Spiegel Kerr started Dating
about three years ago, after I met him at dinner,
organized by the brand Luis Vuitton. And July last year, Evan made her
a proposal ring with a huge diamond.

although Kerr and her fiance most of the time living together, they are
claims model, support purely Platonic. “My
the groom holds extremely traditional views, so we are still
wait!” said Miranda in response to a sincere question of a reporter about
how close a relationship it is associated with Spiegel. It seems that Evan finds such a situation is quite
normal. However, he works so much that he had no time to worry
doubt, because 26-year-old Spiegel — the world’s youngest billionaire
earned status on their own. Between
by the way, in the Bank Evan, wealth
which brought the Internet-projects and develop a popular mobile
app Snapchat is an impressive amount — more than $ 20 billion…