Yuri Titov: “In the “Voice” I wanted to do the impossible.”

Юрий Титов: «В «Голосе» я хотел сделать невозможное» The graduate of “factory of stars” is trying hand in the famous project. Yuri Titov wanted to conquer the jury of the musical show on the First channel and will be happy if you get in command of one of the mentors.
Юрий Титов: «В «Голосе» я хотел сделать невозможное»

Today is the First channel shows the next selection of the musicians on the show “the Voice”. Since the beginning of September are “blind” auditions, when the coaches recruit their teams. Dima Bilan, Pelageya, Alexander Gradsky, Leonid Agutin listen to each participant to determine the capacity of implementers.

Among the contestants there are many people who are already known to a wide audience. One of the contenders was a graduate of the fourth “factory of stars” Yury Titov. As it turned out, the musician is not the first time comes to a casting for several years, he tries to get into a major project. “6”: which stars went on to conquer the mentors of the new season

“I’m happy to be here. I went to auditions all seasons except the fifth. Then they called me after I sent a request, but it did not. In the project there are many people that fall not once, for example, my friend and participant in past “the Voice” Michael Zhitov,” – said Titov “StarHit”.

Yuri tries not to pay attention to irritants and tries to concentrate on his own performance. He wants to impress the jury, however, talks about to anyone of the mentors would like to get into the team.

“I don’t think about it. They are a fantastic band, awesome name. I want to tune in just for the speech to do everything possible and impossible”, – the singer admitted.

Titov’m glad he came to support loved ones who do not doubt the success of a musician. The jury said that only the father remained at home, and therefore will be rooting for his son before the TV screen.

After the success of “star Factory” in 2004, where the singer became famous thanks to the song “Fun”, the actor stopped often flashed on the TV screen. 33-year-old Titov admitted to “StarHit” that have not yet started a family, and therefore spends work – he goes on tour and with performances. Yuri wants to meet a girl creative profession, and dreams of marriage. Ex-industrialist Jura Titov: “My heart is still free”

“I really want a family and children, this question, I do actively. I have a beautiful daughter, she’s 10 years old. We don’t live together, but relationships are supported,” said Yuri.