Natalia Yunnikova got into debt shortly before his death

Наталья Юнникова влезла в долги незадолго до смерти A close star of the series “Return of Mukhtar” said that the actress had problems with money. Recently Natalia Yunnikova appeared on the screens not as often as before. She had to request a loan from friends.
Наталья Юнникова влезла в долги незадолго до смерти

On September 26 died out of the coma, the actress Natalia Yunnikova. The whole country knew, thanks to her lead role in the TV series “Return of Mukhtar”. The doctors tried to save the woman a few days, however, their efforts were not crowned with success, and her heart stopped. Fans of the popular TV show were shocked by the news of the death of Natalia.

Journalists contacted friends Junikowo, who spoke about her last days. Natalia seemed to have disappeared from the screens and worked as a salesman in a shopping center, in order to make a living. Godfather Roland, actor Alexei Moiseev admitted that she had no money for rent. Yunnikova rented a one-bedroom apartment on Prospekt Mira. Ex-husband of Natalia, the Director Anton Fedotov, tried to help her financially, but some of these funds she could not live.

“Natasha shortly before his death, asked me in debt, she had nothing to pay the rent. In the movie it had never been removed, in order to live, she even worked as a salesman in one of the shopping centers of Moscow. Of course, the professional demand was for her very painful. I don’t know what happened to her in the hospital was not, I have a lot of shooting, but she did not complain of health,” said Alexey, the godfather of the heir of the actress.
Наталья Юнникова влезла в долги незадолго до смерти

The ex-spouse UNICOOL confirmed that she had financial problems. Fedotov tried to support his ex-wife and offered her the role. Shortly before the sad events Director met with Natalie to discuss her work. The actress was making plans for the future. None of the relatives UNICOOL even could not think that her life was suddenly cut short.

Ex-husband of Natalia Yunnikova cut out episodes of her new series

“She was shot a little after “return of Mukhtar”. I took it in my project series “Kitchen” on STS, recently shot in the tape for the same channel “Ivanov-Ivanov.” In the second season her role was to grow and become one of the key. Just five days before the tragedy we met with her, talked about how she needed before filming to get in shape. I’ve taken her to the dance,” – said Fedotov.

The man also said that he plans to take to himself a son, Roland. The couple divorced in 2008, after breaking up with Natalia Anton remarried and became a father. The heir UNICOOL learned the sad news a few days after the death of his mother. According to Fedotov, the boy attended the funeral. “I would strongly support Roland!” – says Anton.

Mother Natalia Yunnikova hard leaving his daughter out of life. A woman has restricted your circle of friends. Anton Fedotov said that maintains relations with a close relative’s ex-wife. “I’ve been with her all afternoon we tried to philosophically look at this trouble,” – said the Director