Specialist aura: Alex Chumakov will have to put up with the character of Yulia Kovalchuk

Специалист по ауре: Алексею Чумакову придется мириться с характером Юлии Ковальчук Today, fans of the couple congratulated them on the birth of his daughter. Julia and Alex has not yet commented on the news about the new addition to the family. Expert Ilya Sagliani said “StarHit” how compatible performers.

Fans of Yulia Kovalchuk and Alexei Chumakov left in microblogs artists congratulations on the birth of a daughter. We will remind, in July “StarHit” reported that the famous couple is expecting an addition to the family. Julia and Alex got married four years ago, but lived for several years for myself and did not think about posterity. Specialist aura Ilya Sagliani revealed the truth about their relationship.

“Julia Kovalchuk complex character, she’s very emotional. It is necessary to give in a relationship to control your emotions. In General, for energy it with Alex compatible. They have harmony and balance. Yulia just have to concede, then it will be possible to bypass acute angles. And avoid quarrels. Also recommended to take a rest, as Alexei energy of the ambitious. And emotional background quickly on the decline. A pair of very suitable for aura and energy they are compatible. Julia green. Alexei blue,” said Sagliani.

In early autumn, Kovalchuk and Chumakov has informed the public about the upcoming replenishment in the family, the singer posted on Instagram a picture with a rounded stomach, which later appeared on the pages of one of the glossy magazines. Julia and Alex decided that the singer will give birth in one of the Russian perinatal centers. Despite the fact that the artist spent a lot of time abroad, she trusts domestic medicine. Shortly before the appearance of the baby born, Yulia returned to Moscow.

Julia Kovalchuk admitted that he plans to hurry back to work. The singer will take the stage two months later, after the daughter born. The artist is aware – with the birth of the baby her life will change abruptly. However, according to the singer, it is not necessary to give up their careers, even if you had a baby. She admitted that the pregnancy was planned. That’s why she and her husband tried as much as possible not to talk about the birth of a girl around.Julia did not forget to congratulate the other stars, which this year will become parents. The other day her friend Rita Dakota gives birth to first child.