Юлия Снигирь экстремально похудела
Fans worried for the actress.

Photo: Instagram

Yuliya Snigir made their fans worried. The actress has published in his personal blog a photo, which, they thought, she looks overly thin and gaunt.

“You have to gain a little weight!” — advised members. — “Fine, but if cheeks eat, it will be perfect!”, “Relax more!”

Though fans and chided the actress for thinness, but still agree that her beauty is nothing that you can spoil!

By the way, many now compare Snigir her Darya Saltykova from the TV series “Bloody lady”, which was held recently on the channel “Russia”. Shooting this project took the actress for six months and now she has decided not to star in a movie some time.

“In the coming months, I will not accept any of the proposals — said “7D” Julia. Now all my time is the rehearsal of the play “Three sisters” at the Moscow Art theatre named after Chekhov. Performance Director Konstantin Bogomolov has entrusted me to play Natasha — the wife of the brother of three sisters. This is a very difficult and serious work that requires daily immersion in the Chekhov play. To combine such rehearsals in the theatre and cinema almost impossible. That’s why I’ve decided: unless there is an offer impossible to refuse — as they say, the role of dreams, I digress from the “Three sisters” will not. And paused for a moment in the movie until mid-summer… by the Way, work in the “Bloody lady” also demanded from me to maximum concentration. Shooting the series has continued without a break for six months, and I in the role of landowner Daria Saltykova almost all the time had to be present in the frame. It wasn’t easy…”