Родители трагически погибшего Антона Ельчина добились справедливости
The Corporation had to pay for the death of the actor.

Anton Yelchin

Photo: ZumaTASS

Parents Russian actor who successfully starred in
Hollywood finally managed to finish a lawsuit against Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. This company is responsible for the release of
the car that caused the death of Anton Elchine, was forced to agree to make
a multimillion-dollar payment.

Anton’s parents are not eager to get rich
due to this action, since the payout is designed to them, and the Foundation established in
memory of Anton — Anton Yelchin Foundation. This Fund helps
young actors who are just starting their way in the profession, especially those from
them who have serious health problems. How many Corporation
transferred to the account, not reported. It was stated that this is a confidential information.
As reported by the advocate who represented
this case the parents of Anton, they are satisfied
the result, as I believe the Corporation still paid for the death of their

To achieve more severe punishment of those responsible for
the issue of the ill-fated car, unfortunately, failed because there was no evidence of
Anton died due to the fact that the car
broke hand brake. Recall: in June 2016, Yelchin was killed when he drove his own car sloping downhill, and flattened on the grill gate.
The force of the blow was such that the thickness of the solid steel bars of the gate were
deformed. And Anton himself, whose light was crushed and died from “traumatic
asphyxia”, that is, simply put, choked. He was only 27 years old.