Беременная Мэрилин Керро перестала скрывать отца своего ребенка Estonian witch is in a relationship with a Norwegian Builder. The lovers took part in the filming of a new edition of the program of Sergey Mayorov “Once.” Marilyn Kerro admitted that he is happy to become a mother for the first time.
Беременная Мэрилин Керро перестала скрывать отца своего ребенка

In the filming of the new release “One day”, which will show in the NTV on Saturday, March 24, was attended by the actor Ivan Stebunov, singer and businessman Emin Agalarov, as well as the Estonian witch Marilyn Kerro. Now 29-year-old redheaded beauty is expecting a baby. According to fans, a pregnant Marilyn looks amazing. Until recently, the young woman preferred not to talk about the father of the future baby, however, the newsmagazine of Sergey Mayorov she made an exception.

Beloved Marilyn was a Norwegian carpenter mark Alexander Hansen, with whom she meets for a long time now. According to the psychic, mystic is not played in their relationship any role. Choice TV stars also took part in the filming of the program.

“For me, pregnancy is a miracle. Probably because I waited so long for this, dreamed about it for many years. And when I found out she was pregnant, couldn’t believe it because you don’t feel particularly pregnant. The only tomatoes I wanted,” says the witch.
Беременная Мэрилин Керро перестала скрывать отца своего ребенка

During the conversation with journalists Kerro will talk about the difficulties she had to face while living in Moscow. Now most of the time the star spends on the border, however, sometimes arrives in Russia. Some time ago, a pregnant Marilyn gave a master class in Saint-Petersburg, and in early April she is scheduled to seminars in Moscow and Kazan.

In addition, Kerro told about the acquaintance with the future father of her child.

“At first he [the elect Marilyn] noticed friend, and I after them. Remember I said: “We are a couple and he is the father of my children”. I was just saying that. But it so happened that we met again,” says the witch.

Fans of Marilyn covered her congratulations on social networks. According to them, the witch will be a great mother. One of podeschi kerro group in “Vkontakte” asked her about the relationship with Alexander Sheps. The psychic gave to understand that it does not intend to discuss this topic. “No offense, but I think that the comments about Sasha here correctly. We’re not together more than a year never be together, and I do not mind. It was my choice, and now I have a completely different life,” shared the TV star.

That Marilyn Kerro preparing for baby’s arrival, it became known in February. Then a lady posted a photo where you could see her rounded belly. Intriguing the Marilyn provoked a lively discussion in social networks. Communicating with fans, Kerro wrote that the baby is long awaited. In September last year a witch and her lover gave an interview to the Estonian newspaper, in which he shared a love story and plans for the future. Mark Alexander Hansen admitted that he considered Marilyn his wife. Close Kerro approve of her choice.