Yulia Nachalova shocked fans exhausted figure

Юлия Началова шокировала фанатов истощенной фигурой
Painful breakup with Alexander Frolovo impact on the appearance of the singer.

Julia Nachalova

Photo: @Instagram Yulia julianachalova Nachalovo

It seems that the gap Julia Nachalova with civil husband Alexander Frolov caused the singer severe psychological trauma. Anyway, that’s what the fans explain the sudden change in the appearance of the artist. The fact that the Nachalova shocked fans by posting a picture which was posed in shorts. Julia showed scary skinny legs, what made fans fear that the singer might again struggling with anorexia.

“Again, probably anorexia…”, “How pathetic…”, “have not seen pictures of Julia, I saw — and I was scared. Until then skinny!” — upset subscribers Nachalovo.

By the way, Yulia was already in his youth, problems with anorexia. In the 20 years, looking at models from glossy magazines, the singer stopped eating. In the pursuit of a slender figure, she later refused the water. As a result, she lost 25 pounds and became anorexic.

We will remind that in October of this year Nachalova after five years of marriage, has announced about parting with the civil husband Alexander Frolov. The reasons of rupture of Julia did not spread. By the way, the now ex-boyfriend of the actress was great in her daughter from her first marriage — Vera.