Alla Dukhova’s afraid of a new relationship

Алла Духова боится новых отношений The choreographer lifted the veil on the personal life. In recognition of Alla, she was forced to break up with her boyfriend Anton Kesem. Currently Michael devotes all his time to his beloved family and not even thinking of starting another novel.

      49-year-old Alla Dukhova rarely shares details of his personal life. Instead, the woman prefers to talk about the work and loved the the heirs – the sons of Constantine and Vladimir, and granddaughter Sofia. The woman doted one in the family and dedicates all her free time. According to Brass, her family is constantly asking her for advice, asking how best to do in a given situation. Choreographer great pleasure in helping loved ones to solve their problems. And time for a new relationship at Alla no. Moreover, the head of the ballet “Todes” admitted that he is afraid of them and realizes their mistake.

      “Even scary to think about a novel. It’s necessary to go out, to clean feathers, paint, for someone to adjust… no no No! What date are you out of your mind? God Forbid! Me so well… But maybe I’m wrong. Of course, not right, don’t need to listen to my nonsense, and even more so to act as I do. My position is incorrect. Everything should be Vice versa: I wish all women were men – reliable assistants, caring and attentive. It’s clear,” – said Alla Dukhova reporters.

      The choreographer also admitted that sometimes barely cuts out time for the loved ones. Spirit in love with her work and wouldn’t have traded it for another activity. According to Alla, in such a situation it is quite possible happiness in his personal life, but also need strength. Director of the ballet “Todes” is exhausting sometimes so much that you returned home completely exhausted. Perhaps for this reason Michael parted with the civil husband Anton Kesem. “We are long gone, we continue to be friends. He often comes to us. Kotka (the youngest son of Alla Konstantin – Approx. ed.) loves it, everyone was having a great talk. But family life in the conventional sense we failed,” shared the woman.

      By the way, this year Alla Duhova several important holidays. 29 Nov choreographer celebrates 50 years. In addition, a woman celebrating a professional anniversary: the ballet “Todes” is celebrating its 30th birthday. The choreographer admits that the time flew by, and it seems like it all began just yesterday. Michael also revealed that he is proud of opening his own theater, has let the first viewers two years ago. “And this is a great gift for the anniversary”, – said Alla with the newspaper “Telenedelya”.