Yulia Lipnitskaya returns to the ice in a new role

Юлия Липницкая вернется на лед в новом амплуа Known 19-year-old skater said that he plans to seriously engage in another activity. Lipnitskaya, who completed a career skater, will try yourself in the role of a commentator of sports.
Юлия Липницкая вернется на лед в новом амплуа

Olympic champion Yulia Lipnitskaya finished her career in figure skating, but decided to try themselves in new roles. Soon she will participate in the Grand Prix, which will take place in Moscow.

Юлия Липницкая вернется на лед в новом амплуа“I retired from the sport, but now will start the Grand Prix events, where I plan to try commentatorswho,” — said Julia in a discussion programme of the world festival of youth and students, held in Sochi.
Юлия Липницкая вернется на лед в новом амплуа

Grand Prix of figure skating will be held from 20 to 22 October in the capital’s ice Palace “Megasport”. According to some, all the tickets for the match are already sold out.

We will remind, in August of this year it became known that the skater Yulia Lipnitskaya has finished sports career. About it journalists were told by her mother Daniela Leonidovna. The woman said that her daughter said goodbye to big-time sports in the spring, immediately after returning from Europe. There, a young athlete recovering from eating disorders.

According to Daniela Lipnitskaya, the leadership of the Federation of figure skating first to learn the decision of her daughter. Mother athletes also expressed gratitude to the company, representing the interests of young athletes.

“About your plans to retire Julia informed the leadership of the Federation in April, right after returning from Europe where she underwent a three-month treatment for anorexia. We are grateful to the company “Telesport”, which she helped Julia in this difficult time,” shared Daniela Leonidovna.

Suffering from anorexia Yulia Lipnitskaya completed a career

The solution to Yulia’s surprise for her fans. They wished him good luck and faith in their own strength. Lipnitskaya told the fans that after completing the training, she stopped to sit on a rigid diet and has gained weight. Netizens even suspected Yulia in pregnancy. A few months ago Lipnitskaya said in one of the social networks that gossip is not true.

Yulia Lipnitskaya clarified rumors about pregnancy

Юлия Липницкая вернется на лед в новом амплуа