Network outraged by the conversation Manager ambulance with a dying friend Maranova

В Сети возмущены разговором диспетчера скорой с другом умирающего Марьянова The journalists had published an audio recording of the call allegedly made a friend of a famous actor. If you believe the validity of the data, which received wide publicity, the woman operator made a mistake in the assessment of the state Dmitry Maryanova.
В Сети возмущены разговором диспетчера скорой с другом умирающего Марьянова

Sunday died the actor of theatre and cinema Dmitry Maryanov. He died on the way to the hospital. According to friends, the man suffered from back pain and was examined at a specialized clinic. First, those who were close to Marjanova, called the ambulance, and after a few minutes decided that I would take it themselves.

In Moscow passes farewell to Vladimir Marjanovi. Online stream. PHOTO. VIDEO

On the death of Marjanova opened a criminal case. The Ministry of health of the Moscow region stated that it was not revealed violations in the work of the operator when receiving the emergency call to the artist. Meanwhile in mass-media there was an audio recording that was allegedly made on that fateful day. If you believe it to be credible, the experts misjudged the patient’s condition, and allowed himself boorish behavior.

“Now explain to me how he can be pain in the leg, if his blood pressure is measured? He told you about it? If the pressure is not measured, it means that he is almost not breathing and not talking. Here’s how he can be a pain in the leg?” – quote journalists the woman-the operator, the caller allegedly ucitava.
В Сети возмущены разговором диспетчера скорой с другом умирающего Марьянова

The source women said that they did not know why his friend wasn’t feeling well. During the conversation with the Manager, the man submitted another Maryanova, said that there was booze, but the actor stopped abusing alcohol two weeks ago.

Earlier media reported that Dmitry Maryanov could undergo rehabilitation in one of the specialized centers located in Lobnya. Friends of the actor will not comment on the speculation. The widow of the artist Ksenia admitted that she was not with her husband in the last days. Woman heartbroken. On the farewell to Baranovym she barely restrained emotion.

In a recent edition of “Andrey Malakhov. Live” a friend of Dmitri Alexander Domogarov expressed doubt that the artist could be at the clinic, located in two-storey wooden house. In the opinion of men, Maryanov could afford to be observed in a different, more presentable.

The death of Dmitry Marjanova came as a surprise to his doctors

Talking to the dispatcher, a friend of Dmitri tried to explain that he had a blood clot. However, at the other end, apparently, did not consider that the patient’s condition requires emergency medical intervention. There referred to the lack of available machines and was advised to wait, reports public Mash.